Why are my pets dying?

ok I have had two dogs in two years every time I get a pet it always seem to die even my hamsters am I doing something wrong

Answer #1

When you get a pet, be it a dog, a cat, a rat, a snake, a bird… any pet at all, be sure to get in contact with an appropriate vet first, during, and after purchase. Not all vets take care of all animals, so try to look for one that is specific to the animal you want to get.

Make up a list of things you want to ask your vet. And make SURE you can afford it. Having a pet isn’t free. You have to feed them, water them, house them. In most cases, you have to get them yearly shots and sometimes even more often than that.

If you have an exotic pet, like a parot, a snake, an iguana, etc, you have extra things to look out for such as special lighting, heat lamps, water basins for the reptiles to lay in, special food.

Diseases are a big issue with any pet. Even a common cat or dog can get a disease. Distemper, feline leukemia, rabies. BE SURE to get your pet tested for these things when you adopt. Some can be treated, but if your pet ends up positive for something like rabies or feline leukemia, the only answer is putting them down. And as someone above me mentioned, some diseases can linger in the household for weeks and months afterwards.

Also, be careful what you feed your pets. Recently, you may or may not have heard about it, there was an outbreak of “bad good” from China that was pretty much killing off hundreds of pets around the country. Things seem to be under control now, but talk to a vet before you buy pet food, he or she will know what the healthiest and safest food is.

Answer #2

have you ever thought that maybe they were blocked?

feel their belly by their back legs, if it feels really hard, take them to the vet asap, tell the vet you want to find out if they are blocked!!

its something you would never think until it happens to you

my husband and I have this cat, I gave it to him when we are only dating, and one day kikid thats his cats name was not acting like himself, and we tried to figure it out on our own, he wouldn’t let us pet him, and he was hide’n away from us, and even stopped eating his food, and not even drinking his water, for two days, the next day I woke up to find him in the bathroom were his food and litterbox was, laying down, I found blood everyway, I freaked out, and rushed him to the vet right down the road from us, as I got their I though maybe he has some how got broken glass in his paw cause he didn’t like me touching his paw so I wasn’t thinking to much of it being so so bad, but after over 2 hours of waiting inline, the lady at the working the front ask me to bring him to her, cause I couldn’t explain what was wrong cause I didn’t know,

she told me he was blocked! and rushed us to the back room into the Pets ER!!

they said it happens a lot and no one ever even thinks about it, it can kill them within less them 24 hours, we didn’t even know until after 72 hours after ,

but they saved him and now he is doing well but had gotten blocked again, be we knew what it was that time a saved him again, once a pet is blocked they must stay one the food for that problem for its life, or it will get blocked again,

being blocked is where they can’t used the bathroom. and have to much blocked inside of them, they won’t eat / drink/ and they don’t act them selfs sometimes really mad and won’t let you touch them,

Answer #3

BEFORE you get the next pet…Study up on what you need to do to protect that pet…from diseases, from getting into things they might swallow, or might be poison…There are certain things EVERYONE must do, to insure the health and safety of their pets…and those things are easily found out. Ask the VET.


Answer #4

I don’t know the details, but maybe the places you are buying them aren’t good places. And just like the person answered before me, take them to the vet right away for a health check, food, water, shelter,… Good luck if you try again

Answer #5

What did the dogs die from?

If it was a disease, such as Parvovirus, it will last in the air and your house for 6 months.

I’d also suggest taking them to the vet if they get sick.

Answer #6

doubt it

Answer #7

no, you just have bad luck I guess

next time-take your pets to the doc and get em checked out

Answer #8

You really need to go to your local library and find some books on caring for the type of pet you intend to get, or buy a couple of books from your local library. Make sure that there’s nothing in your yard or the house that the dogs could have gotten into. There are many types of plants that are highly toxic to animals.

As far as hamsters go, many of them can get a disease called “wet tail,” which is basically really bad diarrhea that kills them because of dehydration within days (or hours). Many of them will have it when you buy them from a pet store because pet store animals are not usually very healthy, and there’s really not much a vet can do for them even if you catch it early.

I’d also suggest taking any animal (other than hamsters, I suppose) to a vet to have it checked within a week of getting it, so make sure that they are healthy. Make sure that your dogs are up to date on all of the required vaccines, and heartworm tested. Keep them on heartworm preventative, because heartworm disease can cause sudden death.

You might also consider calling your vet and explaining to them what happened with your dogs that have already died. They might be able to narrow down the cause of death, and can offer suggestions as to how prevent that from happening again.

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