Cute names for twins?

im pregnant with twins a boy and a girl and I cant think of any cute names.I want there names to be similar.I need first and middle names any ideas??

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lol I like the names Tyler and Taylor
for some reason I like the names Jaimey and Josiah (jaimey for girl josiah for boy) but my favorite boy name is Collin. lol hope this helped :)

Going to have twins, baby name suggestions?
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jaydyn (BOY) and jaylyn (GIRL)
jaydyn (GIRL) and jordan (BOY) OR THE OTHER WAY AROUND
jaylyn (GIRL) and jordan (BOY)
christian (BOY) and christina (GIRL)
aaliyah (GIRL and jeremiah (BOY)...

what dothink of these cute baby names
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A friend of mine and myself named our kids who were born on the same day similarlly by accident.

My son's name is Christoper Alexander
His daughter's name is Christina Alexandria

I didn't find out her name until I came off of emergency leave.

What are "J" baby names for twins?
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I've always like jack and jill
Or jackie ...jillian
Tom and dan
Autumn and Spring...

Cute Names For Girls!!
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Breana Nikole and Brendon Boyd
Jaylen Rose and Jayden Michael
Jordyn Lynn and Jayden Thomas

cute names for a boyy.
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I answered another question just like this

I am in a family with 11 kids and 2 more on the way. here are the names from my familey


2 more on the way

Peyton, Annaliese (first, Middle)

Rhiannon, Harmoni

What are cute names for twin girls?
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Emma-lee Kate ( for the girl ) and Jamie ( for the boy cant think of middle name )

Taylor and tylers gwd ( I like the name taylor because thats my name lol )

Heidi - lee ( 4 da girl ) Mathew

Kerry ( girl ) Jordan

Jade kade ( if you dont know how to say it funmail me )

Jamie ( 4 girl ) James

Thats all I know but if these or any other names don't help theres plenty of site that you can go on to find baby names

Best of luk :) post a pik of them on your profile when there born:) ill bet they be so cute:)

Are these cute names for babies?
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nick and nicki

cute hispanic girl names
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how about Boy: harold clayton Girl: Danielle Shay I really dont know
or Boy: nevaeh tyler Girl: JoanTaylor

What are some cute twin baby girl names?
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kylee and kyle but kylee can be a boys name to thats my boyfriends name but its usally a girls name!!
hope this helps

What is a cute boys name???
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I thought adam and eve was cute

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jackson and jillian (jack and jill :) )

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how about sarah and sam

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Francine and Frances

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Kaylee (girl) and Kyle (guy) ---> I LOVE THOSE NAMES!!


Carson (boy) and Carmen (girl)


Joshua (guy) and Joshlyn (girl)


Josh (guy) and Josie (girl)


Samual (guy) and Samantha (girl)


Stephanie (girl) and Steven (boy) ---> but those names are common!


Michael (my boyfriend's name!!) and Michelle (girl) ---> but those names are common too!! =P

ahaha...whoaa... I was on a roll!! - hope those names helped!! but yeaaa... in the end... it's all up to you!! look up baby names for twins on google!! - maybe that'll hellp too!! good luck with the babies =)

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well ima a beattles fan so if I had twins I would probably go with

jude an prudance‚ô•

cute right haha

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I think Nicholas (boy) and Nicole (girl). Those are cute. Or maybe Christopher (boy) and Christina (girl). Or if you want them completely (well almost) similar you could name them Danielle (girl) and Daniel (boy).
Hope I helped!!!

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Jake (boy) Jorden (girl)

jorden is like a cool name so is jake but do you want them close or farr apart one uop there is close

this one is far
Lauren (boy) girl (amanda)

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if b/g twins, how about mary and max?

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Alex and Alexander for boys or Alexandra if one is a girl:)

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