Names for twins?

my sister is pregnant with twins a girl and a boy she wants the girls name to be karrissa and she also wants the names to be similar any ideas..

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karl with a k. lol I thinks its gorgeous

karl and Karissa I think that sounds really cute

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what about.
ill think of more: ).

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I like the name chris that sounds cute together ill talk to her about it. any other ideas

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because kylers f*cking awesome.

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Chris Thats a good boy name to match Karrissa

Heres ways to spell chris


umm don't know any more lol

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Here are some names I like:
(And hopefully you do too!)

Kaleb- Faithful and Bold.

Keagan- Son of Eagan and Fiery.

Kenneth- Handsome.

Kevin- Handsome AND Beautiful.

Kristopher- Christ Bearer.

Kyan- Little King.

Kaden- 'Friend'

Those are the names I like. Find a name that suits the personality.

Remember, this Baby

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karissa and..

kyler.. or kai )prounounced like sky without the s.

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Good name 4 twin girl
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Kerry? Kory? Kennedy?

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wooo she likes my idea lol no one likes my name ideas they all say nah but tell me how it works out :)

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