Doesn't throwing up your food make you bloated?

She throw's up her food. She's always complaining about being fat. And she isn't. But when you throw up your food doesnt your stomach like bloat and your face gets bigger too?

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I am currently diagnosed with anorexia with bulimic tendencies and I can tell you from experience that it does cause bloating. This is because when you throw up, your body loses a lot of water and your body holds on to any new water it consumes. Bulimia also causes your face to look puffy.
Eating disorders lead to and are sometimes caused by body dismorphia so even if she doesnt look fat to you or anyone else, thats what she sees (or perceives) in the mirror.

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It probably won't make you bloated but not having enough vitamins and nutrition means that you will lose muscle in your stomach which, in tern, let it hang out.

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Why cant I win this argument? I need some additional info to tell her so she will stop please help!

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I dont think this is an argument you are going to win logically... she sounds like she is either on her way to or already has an eating disorder... I suggest you ask her to get help...

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yep. She has a sickness and needs professional help.

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It also causes gas to build up in your intestines. Your body was expecting food to be there and had everything it needed to digest it--but then it didn't show up.

I'm recovering bulimia myself. 5 years. Still not really over it. But even when I was in my worst episode, I knew I would be bloated the next day. And I still threw up. Because I asked myself, "well I can LOOK fat tomorrow while I'm bloated or I can actually BE fatter long after that if I keep the food in me."

I've had $6,000 worth of root canals, too. And I'm only 21.

The only thing you can do to help is encourage her to talk to someone professional. They can figure out what's causing the disorder and try to fix it. Remember, by making her stop throwing up, you're just curing the symptom. She's still going to be sick . . . and in mental anguish.

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Self-induced vomiting can lead to swelling of salivary glands, electrolyte and mineral disturbances, and enamel erosion in teeth - possible organ damage.

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Thank you guys!!

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yes. also, it rotts your teeth, makes your hair fragile and easily breakable, makes your skin pale and dry (also causing early wrinkles) and plus, it messes up psychologically. she needs help. if you care, get her help no matter how mad she gets.

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sounds like your freind has bulimia
and its not a good things
constantly throwing your food up can causethese PHYSICAL problems
Esophageal problems
Vocal chord damage
Stomach ulcers
Hair loss
Digestive problems
Decreased body temperature
Irregular heart beat
Elimination problems
Dental Damage
Organ damage
Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
Enlarged salivary glands
Dry skin
Decreased bone density
Menstrual dysfunction
Hormone irregularities
Low red blood cell levels
Weak muscles
Immune system damage
as well as all that theres a lot of psycological problems it causes too
she does need help
shes probably healthy too, she should learn to love herself for who she is

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Listing all the symptoms won’t scare her into recovery nor will it help her to force it. If she truly wants to get better then she will accept the help but u can’t force someone if they don’t want the help because that’s useless.

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