Trying to get a passport, but my dads being a butt...

I need to get a passport to go to Europe next year, but my mom an dad are divorced. My mom does not have primary care over me. I need him to sign the paper saying I can get a passport. I haven’t talked to hime in almost a year and he won’t call me back when I call him. I have called him, wrote him, and tried to fnd him (he lives 3 hours away) The only options my mom and I can think of is $$take hime to court$$ or $$hire a private detective$$, all my money is going towards my trip so we are almost broke. If you can’t think of any thing what would be cheaper a detective or a lawyer. I need to know what to do, and fast.

Answer #1

You guys should probaly get a lawyer. I’m sorry you have to deal with this. Your dad sounds like a loser.

Answer #2

when you turn 14 you just need one parents sig thats how im going to get mine sorry if that doesnt help

Answer #3

Go to Child and Family services. They should be able to help you. . By the way, how come your Dad has primary care over you, but you haven’t seen him in a year. Maybe it’s time that your Mom got custody. Child and Family Services might be able to advise on that also. Good Luck!!

Answer #4

a lawyer is the best way.. if you have a good reason why your should go and why he should let you, go to court and you will win.

Answer #5

Okay I’m not exactly positive on what I’m about to say, but just try to follow me. haha!

okay well I think that if you are having trouble affording a lawyer and Dad is being a butt then you can do these things:

  1. go to a police station or something and ask them what your other options are. perhaps it’s possible to let your mom has primary custody?? although this will most likely involve your dad and be time consuming.

  2. does you dad live close by? maybe show up on his doorstep. that would get his attention.


Answer #6

I’m not 14 yet

Answer #7

neither my mom or my dad has primary custody

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