Is it true that you get hair loss from dandruff?

i dont have this problem or anything...i just watched it on a shampoo commercial that the main reason of hair fall is dandruff. maybe they're just using small talk or something? i just wanted to know f it's true.

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i don't believee so. but im sure theres ah possibility of that happening, normally hair falling outtcha head is causedd by stress.

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yeah like when you're done shampooing and hair just randomly falls....and stuff....i dont have this problem i just heard it from a commercial that you get hair fall from dandruff...not like bald spots or anything just hair fall

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Apparently no. Dandruff is a condition of dryness on the surface of your scalp while hair loss lies in the hair follicles which are deeper within the skin.

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No, just a dry scalp.

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dandruff can be caused by dryness and likem way too oily of skin..and no i wouldnt think that that would be like the number one reason.

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It Comes from Alot of stuff not just that:)

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Dandruff is dry scalp, personally, I fought it from the inside and out. I input more healthy oils in my diet like olive oil and coconut oil. Regarding thinning hair and brittle nails, Reloxe is a product that I bought to help with hair loss. It help grow back my hair and even made my nails stronger and skin more vibrant!

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I don't think there is relation between dandruff and hair loss? because my bf got dandruff but i didn't notice any hair fall. If you are suffering from hair loss then take vitamins that promote natural hair growth like Reloxe.


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