Is it true that ga.y men are more likely to get HIV or AIDS?

my teacher told me this. :O

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Yes, I learneed that in health class and when I went to gynocologist and got papers on it. Gay men and african americans are more likely to get them than anyone.

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But i wonder why? i mean, if they use protection and everything..

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Well I don’t know why African Americans are but gay men well… Not to go into detail but when the butthole is ripped from..y’know… A lot of bacteria can get in… Same with women who have ana.l sex tho.. For African Americans…not to be stereotypical but a lot of them aren’t as well educated cuz they drop out of school and have unprotected sex.. I am not trying to offend anyone I am just thinking!

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everybody is equally susceptible to any STD

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ooooooh okay

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ooooooh okay

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No of course not. Your health teachers suck if you think so. A lot of Africans have it cuz that’s where it originated and gay men used to have it a lot more frequently because they didn’t use protection. Now everyone is just as likely to get it

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@Niikkiii: Pure statistics, and the significant comment from your post is IF “… they use protection …”. The evidence is that the greater the number of sexual partners anyone has, the greater the probability of an individual eventually having unprotected sex with an infected partner. Like it or not, the fact is that actively gay men, on average have more sexual partners than actively heterosexual men. My guess is that it is to do with the concepts of “being faithful”; “not cheating”; and marital fidelity among heterosexual couples, and the alternative concepts of “free-love” and living outside the boundaries of convention, among the homosexual community - who are largely deprived of the sacranment of marriage and the consequent pressures to maintain marital fidelity. . Like it or not, a bigger proportion of actively gay men are HIV positive globally, than the proportion of actively heterosexual men that are infected, and a bigger proportion of gay men have already died of AIDS.

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But I went to a doctor (gynocologist) and she gave me papers on it and it said they do as well as african americans. Sure everyone and anyone can get it, there’s just a bigger chance. I mean not a lot of health teachers and doctors can be wrong.

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The reason they are more likely to get it probably comes from the fact they have higher amounts of it among their populations if you haven’t noticed Africans usually date eachother and a gay guy is gonna date other gay guys. So they might be more exposed to it but everyone has an equal chance of contracting it

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@Will “… but everyone has an equal chance of contracting it …” You have absolutely zero chance of contracting it if you never have sex with anyone unless your mother had it before you were born. You have absolutely zero chance of contracting it is you remain celebate until you form a life-long, stable relationship with a similarly non-infected girl. As a straight guy with a good attitude to morals you have a good chance getting, and remaining, married to a single non-infected partner for the rest of your life and will therefore have virtually no chance of getting AIDS. In most places gay men do not and cannot get married to another gay man they tend to form many shortm term relationships and each time they have intimate relations with another partner without protection, they increase them probability of becoming HIV positive. Tell you what, try making a list of well known celebrities who have died of AIDS. Bet you that most of them were openly gay. End of story.

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ooh okay now i get it haha thanks Majikthise. :)

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Any male OR female who has a.n.a.l sex is more likely to get an infection then a male or female who doesn’t. Not simply because there gay. “Oh, your gay so. You MUST have an STD.” Or “Oh, ahaha ‘cause im straight im less likely of getting an infection so, imma just go sleep with everyone because only gay’s get STD’s cha’kno?” lol. The booty hole is a nasty bacteria infested pit of nasty. so. Yeah… aha.

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that’s a wat of putting it.. :D Hahaha!

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ruling out sexual activity what about needles? isnt it more likely to contract that if poked by it if the needle was used on somebody who has it?

Answer #17

I quote the following: . “… Different HIV Rates Among Gay Men And Straight People Not Fully Explained By Sexual Behavior: . Differences in sexual behaviours do not fully explain why the US HIV epidemic affects gay men so much more than straight men and women, claims research published ahead of print in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections. . In 2005, over half of new HIV infections diagnosed in the US were among gay men, and up to one in five gay men living in cities is thought to be HIV positive. . Yet two large population surveys showed that most gay men had similar numbers of unprotected sexual partners per year as straight men and women. . US researchers applied a series of carefully calculated equations in different scenarios to study the rate at which HIV infection has spread among gay men and straight men and women. . They used figures taken from two national surveys to estimate how many sex partners gay men and straight men and women have, and what proportion of gay men have insertive or receptive änäl sex, or both. . They then set these figures against accepted estimates of how easily HIV is transmitted by väginäl and änäl sex to calculate the size of the HIV epidemic in gay men and straight men and women. . The results showed that for the straight US population to experience an epidemic of HIV infection as great as that of gay men, they would need to average almost five unprotected sexual partners every year. . This is a rate almost three times that of gay men. . But to end the HIV epidemic, gay men would need to have rates of unprotected sex several times lower than those currently evident among the straight population. This is because transmission rates are higher for änäl sex than they are for väginäl sex, say the authors. . But “role versatility,” whereby people adopt both “insertive” and “receptive roles,” also plays a part, they add. . A gay man can be easily infected through unprotected receptive sex, and then infect someone else through insertive sex. . Gay men are therefore far more susceptible to the spread of the virus through the population, even with the same numbers of unprotected sexual partners. …” . ….. from the site at: . I go along with the expert opinion of Niikkiiii ‘s qualified teacher ahead of some of the ill-informed “everybody is equal”, politically correct, propaganda being spouted in this thread. .

Answer #18

Yes, the sharing needles among drug abusers accounts the high rates of HIV infection among that section of society.

Answer #19

Well gay men have more sex, so I would assume. It was also, for a long time, more prominent in the theatre community which included a lot of homosexuals.

Think of it this way; if you’re married, will you sleep around? Probably not. Gay marriage isn’t legalized in a lot of places…more sleeping around.

Answer #20

Not ENTIRELY true..

Answer #21

No, it’s not. Those illnesses are just associated with homosexuals, normally for offensive reasons. When it comes to STDs, on average lesbians are the least likely to catch any whereas heterosexuals are most likely, with gay men falling in the middle. An@l and oral sex is actually more done by heterosexual couples anyway so they are just as at risk as homosexual couples. As long as protection is used then you needn’t worry about whom of which is more likely to catch any.

Answer #22

Do you care to provide a verifiable source of statistical information upon which you base your opinions?

Answer #23

OK, let’s quote some verifiable statistical rates of HIV infection among US citizens tested at STD clinics separated into groups of “men who have sex with men” and “heterosexual men and women”.
. In both cases, results from patients whose records indicated they had ever injected drügs were excluded from analyses since that allowed the shared needle transmission vector to be excluded as far as possible, since it is a known sexual-orientation independent but very high risk transmission vector, for which separate statistics are also made available. . Among the 12,593 who identified themselves as “men who have sex with men” 3,320 were found to be infected i.e. “HIV positive, which represents a percentage infection rate of 26%, and when separated into clinics from different regions the range of percentage infection rates was between 8% and 39% . Among the 198,861 who identified themselves as “Heterosexual men and women” 4,655 were found to be infected i.e. “HIV positive, which represents a percentage infection rate of 2.3%, and when separated into clinics from different regions the range of percentage infection rates was between 0.3% and 5.5% . Those statistics unequivocally show that overall, “men who have sex with men” (i.e. actively gay or bisexual men) who require treatment for sexually transmittted diseases are more than 10 times more likely to be found to be HIV positive than Heterosexual men and women. . These are officially published “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” (CDC) statistics that can be inspected in detail in Table 2 using the following link: that has been hyperlinked to jump to the relevant Table. . NOW PLEASE, all you people who seem hell bent on opining your own uniformed ideas: provide something similar to prove the professional health care / medical authorities (and me) wrong. I pretty well damned near certain that you can’t. .

Answer #24

The information I have based my ‘opinions’ on is from varying British data in which was broadcasted on the British television programme known as “The Sex Education Show”; a show designed to dispel any rumors when it comes to the adolescent world of sex and therefore can only be valid for any residents of the British Isles. Yes, the data may be invalid for other countries but I’m taking it from the majority. The surveys are anonymous so any lying done on the survey is pointless and I can assume the results are accurate. I also may reinstate the fact that it doesn’t matter as long as precautions are taken. Also, this means your comment which intends to make a debate out of my answer is rather pointless in itself.

Answer #25

HIV is not a gay or straight virus. One’s behavior has the largest influence on your odds of contracting the disease though. Oral sex is an unlikely vector for transmission and there are no confirmed cases of female to female HIV transmission in the US. It is certainly possible but very unlikely. Male to Female transmission through coitus is more likely than the reverse but both are common. Since male homosexuals tend to have the largest number of partners and commonly engage in riskier behavior they are in the highest risk category. Great strides have been made in all groups to fight the epidemic. Education, safe sex, and improved medications are our best tools. The number of new HIV infections peaked in 2007 and has been lower since. If this trend continues than fewer and fewer people will become infected with HIV and fewer will develop AIDS.

Answer #26

I can’t believe six people actually think that this is a good answer. Obviously, they all must have the same health teacher, feeding them the wrong useless information. I feel “Dr. Biased Doolittle,” need’s to have his certification stripped. So let me sum the minds of those six people up in one word, for liking that answer - Naive.

Answer #27

Um i no i dont think thats true but then again im not always right…

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