How to know where to go and when to get off on a train?

well, im gettin on a train next week from st albans to warrington, I no theres chnging because I’ve looked on the website, thing is I’ve neva been on a train before, sooo when I buy my ticket where do I go :s & alsoo on my ticket does it show mewhat places I’ve got to fet of at or what :d

Answer #1

Depending on how the train system works in the UK, you might end up with two tickets - one from St Albans to the change, and one from the change to Warrington. The name of the change station would then be printed on both tickets. If not, you should be able to ask the ticket seller the name of the change station, and when the guard clips your ticket upon leaving St Albans you can ask him what station do you have to get off at to change to Warrington. They’ll be able to tell you, and will most likely make sure you get off at that stop. All stations should have a board with the Station’s name on it too, so you can look out the window and tell what station it is.

Answer #2

How old are you? There will be an obvious place where you buy the ticket. Then you look on the screen or ask someone who works there what platform your train leaves from and go stand on there. Then the signs and announcements will tell you when your train arrives. If there are no changes then you just get off at your destination.

If you get confused or worried, just ask someone who works there.. the guys in the yellow jackets or whatever. Thats what theyre there for. Dont panic. Good luck x

Answer #3

I understand that to get onto the Platform of a train station in England, you must have already bought your ticket from the Station building. Just tell the ticket seller where you want to go, and ask them where you have to get off and what to do if you are unsure. And if you like, you can ask the Guard/Clippie when they check your ticket to let you know when the train gets to the station you need to change at.

Answer #4

Traveling on a train can be a lot of fun and very relaxing. You buy a ticket like you would for any other form of transportation, know where you want to go, and ride. You have to remember that a train does not go everywhere so you must find a location near where you want t go as your getting off point. I think everyone should take a train ride at least once in your life, it can be a lot of fun.

Answer #5

Hmm, so there should be a bored somewhere?? and what about the changes does it say on the ticket were the changed is?

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