What is a trade school?

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It's a place where they teach subjects for a particular occupation that a person wants to learn :)

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Well it's school that a person attends and graduates with a certificate for a particular trade. It's not a "degree" such as a degree in economics, or law, (colledge) however it is training for a job such as diesel mechanic, auto body repair and MANY other fields. (the list goes on and on) there are trade schools availiable for many carreer fields. When completed, it shows that a person has been taught and knows something about a particular job and is ready to go to work.

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So.. Thats means you dont have to attend college?

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Correct. It's not colledge but a trade school. Many people work during ther day and attend evening classes at a trade school to train for a new career

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These schools offer a wide range of classes that specialize in a particular career. They also offer job placement assistance.

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I think whether or not you choose to attend college or not depends on what you want to do and whether you know what you want to do. I believe a degree in college will probably provide you with a broader career option in the future. While, trade school would be good if you know exactly what you'd like to do then trade school would provide you with hands on experience. Of course it also depends on what you'd like to do. If you wanted to be a surgeon, you'd need to go to college, then medical school, but say if you wanted to work in a garage, rather than learning theory in engineering, you'd actually be working hands on in tradeschool. So it all depends. And remember you don't have to choose eiher or, you could always go back to get your degree or certificate.

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Thanks a lot, this helped..


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