What should i do while i am on my tour when i turn 16, i am going to Paris, Rome, Italy, well... the whole medateranian? Where should i go while im there?

Answer #1

well it all depends what intrests you? art, history I have been all over there, but, it just depends on what you like.

Answer #2

you should totally rap jump the ifel tower :L


Answer #3

haha I got stuck at the top of it when I was there. I spent 2 hours not being able to leave cuase the elevators broke.

Answer #4

lol i would have go me rope and jumped the bleedin thing :) but thats just me :L

Answer #5

Rome is an amazing city. You should go to the Coloseum first thing in the morning. I was the first person inside the day I went. You can take better pictures when there aren’t as many people there. If you want to go to the Vatican I suggest getting there early too because there is always a line and you could be waiting for a long time.

Go to Pisa and go to the top of the leaning tower. I didn’t know you could do this until I was gathering information for my trip. It is very cool up there. I got the pass for all of the attractions there. It was worth it.

Naples, Mt. Vesuvius and Pompeii are great too. I could have spent a week in Pompeii and not seen everything. I wanted to explore every place I could get in to and even the ones I wasn’t supposed to.

Venice is unlike any other city in the world. I suggest going there if you can. If you do go, go to the farmer’s/fish market. The best strawberries I ever had were from there. The city might seem a little scary becuase you have to get around by boat but it is actually very easy.

If you get to Greece go to Olympia. It is very cool. It’s a small town but has so much history. The old Olympic grounds are amazing.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure to bring a digital camera with tons of memory and an extra battery. Remember to charge your batteries every night and bring both of them with you. Mine ran out at the Olympic ruins and I was very disappointed.

Have a GREAT time! Even though I’ve travelled around four continents I’m jealous becuase I didn’t start until after I was 26. If you have any more detailed questions about a specific place feel free to ask me.

Oh, I believe you can get a student pass in most cities in Italy and probably even all around Europe. I suggest going to a tourist office to ask about it. You can get discounts for all kinds of things in the city. It is definately worth it.

Answer #6

well if you are in naples than go to the island of capri as well. I have been there twice its and ammazing place and only about 10min boat ride from shore.

Answer #7

lol i should be like phiniese and ferb and skateboar down it! :P

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