What are the best places to tour in Europe and when?

what are the tour places in the europe? Please provide me all details about alltour palces in europe. and what is the best time to go?

Answer #1

I have toured all over Europe with my parents and I have seen many great sights.

Taking a plane to England may be the start, nothing much there (I live there) but you could visit London and the Tower Bridge and the palace where the Queen is. You could travel down to Cornwall in the SouthWest where there is alot of beauty and beaches. A very tourist region and friendly aswell. In Devon there is Dartmoor, which is a massive nature park on the moors. Scotland and Wales are similar, both full of beauty and hills and come castles/forts. You could then make your way to Dover on the south east coat which provides transport to France by either channel tunnel (train) or a ferry. You will come out by Calais, from there the world is your oyster as all countries are joined together. So all you need is a car!!

Well obviously you would HAVE to go to Paris, it has everything! Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triumph, Palace Gardens, MP, French Embassy…loads!!! It also has Disney lol. The South of France is very hot as you reach the meditteranean or you could go North towards the region of Lorraine. Both ways take you to different countries: North will go Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria…OR South will take you to Italy, Andorra, and Spain. They are the main western Europe countries. But my ULTIMATE choice would be Luxembourg because it holds so much beauty although expensive. It is such a lovely little country.

Now, for the time of the year that you should go varies, off peak is between october and march so lots of things are closed and you do not get much for your money. Thats all i can say for now, hope i been helpful.

Answer #2

If you want to tour a truely amazing place go to Northern Ireland- greatest country on earth!

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