Are there foods I can't eat after getting my tongue pierced?

I really want to get my tongue peirced so I want to know if they’re are limits to what I can eat &&_wat it really feels like,I see a lot of vids of people getting it done and they rarley scream

Answer #1

My piercer told me not to eat spicy foods, ketchup and bbq sauce. I think it has something to do with the acid in them

By the way, you’ll find it hard to eat anything the day you do it so I’d eat ice cream. When I pierced my tongue I tried to eat a veg burger a few hours after and it wasn’t very pleasant. Ice cream will also soothe your tongue when it’s swollen. It ill only be swollen for about 2 or 3 days tho =]

Answer #2

Getting the actual peircing does not hurt. I got mine done like 3 nights ago and my swelling has gone down a lot. Eat a lot of CRUSHED ice after you get it done, it will help a lot! And don’t eat anything with dairy products in it, and if you do, then rinse your mouth out with salt water or mouth wash right after so it does not get infected. Don’t try to eat tortilla’s because I almost chocked trying to eat a taco, the tortilla softens quick and it is easy for it to wrap around the bar, and it hurts trying to get it off. Other then that, just don’t eat a lot of dairy for like 4 to 6 days. It’s hard, it seems like EVERYTHING has dairy OR soy in it!! Good luck!

Answer #3

it doesn’t hurt that much but you are way to young to legally get it done and you want to make sure you get it professionally done cause if they hit a nerve or a vein your screwed. and at first for the first week nothing solid cause your tongue will most likely be to swollen to eat. and then for the next could weeks nothing spicey or salty and acidic.

Answer #4

don’t eat anything with yeast in it .. tortilla, bread… beer nothing spicy or crunchy either

Answer #5

..maybe not salty foods.. I don’t know, I don’t have my tongue pierced..

Answer #6

yes. I just got my tongue pierced last night and could barely chew. the best thing for you to do if you get you tongue pierced is to eat things that you really dont chew. like me I’ve been eating jel-o and pudding and istant mashed potatoes. for the first week your not supposed to eat meat, bread, or dairy.

Answer #7

Well the pain is different for everyone. I just got my tongue pierced a few days ago and its the after piercing pain that’s the worst. Getting it done isn’t bad at all. I’m not sure if would recommend doin it to anyone else…I just really wanted mine done.

Answer #8

hey everyone I just got my tounge pierced and my piercer said after he had gotten his done he ate a double cheese burger lol..but I haven ate anything and im starving I would suggest ramon noodles but you have to chew and that right now im sipping pinnapple juice through a yea

Answer #9

it didnt hurt at all just a pinch and once the piercers hands are moved away you dont feel anything. get ice right away.oh and you may drool on yourself a lil dont drink alchohal or anything spicy. my piercer told me dairy is perfectly fine. but nomatter what you eat rinse your mouth out with dilluted mouth wash afterwards.pop sicles are good for the swelling but you gotta rinse your mouth afterwards so I suggest you use ice. I had mine done last night and its barely swollen at all. just a lil tender and feels weird with the big bar in there.I ate scrambled eggs and ramon noodles today and it worked real well. I just took little bites and made sure the noodles werent all stringy but were cut lil. I just had a bottle of water right by and just swished around some water every couple bites to make sure it was all clear. GOOD LUCK.

Answer #10

hey I didnt get my tongue done yet but I plan on it for christmas and I got a lot of comments on here. so I think im going to stick with the chunks of ice for a while then start eating lite foods. lol. im so excited to get it done. hehehe. and I got a lot of comments saying it dont hurt thats my biggest question DOES IT HURT? and a lot of people are telling me no only after when it starts to swell and I even asked a couple of my friends that has there done. so im doing it soon I cant wait!

Answer #11

Hey I got my tongue pierced on Sunday night and its Wednesday now. I went out to eat 2 hours after I got my tongue pierced. I’ve been able to eat anything I want. Nothing has really bothered me. Haven’t done spicy foods…but did the ketchup and it was fine. Umm there is still swelling. I woke up yesterday and looked in the mirror. I saw my teeth indents in my tongue lol pretty weird…but It will go down with time.

Answer #12

I had my tongue pierced on wednesday this week and I was really scared it did hurt a little but more like a pinch and as soon as the bar was put in the pain was gone I got told I was aloud to eat what I wanted but take it easy. the only thing I got told I can’t eat is bread because of the yeast in it.

Answer #13

Don’t eat/ drink anything citricy or anything like that

Answer #14

Well I just got mine early Sunday mornin- or late satuday nite ( Tuesday now) and my piercer told me I can eat solid food as long as I clean it afterwards… He also said 2 stay away 4rm dairy products or any thang that has milk and it like ice cream b/c it can swell your tongue even more… and stay away 4rm spicey foods 4 sure for at least d 1st or even 2nd week ckus it will burn d whole 4 sure..,,,.. and if you do wanna eat solids, break it up gud and try keepin it 2 the side… It kind of helps… But make you clean afterwards it is d most important thang 2 do…

Answer #15

It is not really an initial pain like other piercings such as your tragus. As your tongue is a muscle it doesn’t hurt much at all.. Just like a quick pinch. However, the pain does come afterwards. Although pain may be the wrong word to describle it, it is more discomfort. You can’t eat spicy foods for the first 3 - 5 days. But apart from that just eat what you can manage..

Answer #16

technically you can get you tongue pierced at certain places under 18 as long as you have a parent or legal guardian… I just turned 15 april 19 2009 and I got mine done april 23, 2009 so yeah… I had my parent with me… also it didnt hurt me but I got it numb with some crap so yeah…

Answer #17

I got mine done yesterday didnt hurt at all and the piercer told me to start eating what I would normally eat as soon as possible as its a muscle and needs to start working again, I was just about able to drink a drink let alone eat so this morning I tried eating a chocolate truffle and it took me nearly 5 minutes, had soup tonight and think I am gonna live off soup for the next few days till the swelling goes down. Didnt know you could have diary so have been living on tea with painkillers in to take the swelling down ops, but have been using mouth wash after every cup of tea. x

Answer #18

I got mine done yesterday… it didnt hurt I didnt feel anything until he was screwing on the ball (it wasnt even numb). the only problem so far is I cant eat a thing and I am starving any suggestions? other than that5 just be prepared for mouthwashing and swelling x

Answer #19

well first of all,you look pretty young?

When I got mine done it hurt for about like probably 2 seconds cause it goes right through. and I ate regularly. sooo yah.

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