To move to the US but where...

too am looking in a few years to live in the US, but I need somewhere livable and also somewhere where the weather isn’t ‘too’ dramatic ie. Very bad hurricanes etc…I’m looking at Chicago or Seattle (What could be the cheapest house or apartment in the northen side of Chicago (As I heard the southern side is quite bad. I know it can be very expensive in Chicago but I love the place so much (Even though I’m an Angels fan :D) but also the cityscape of Seattle looks superb, I also may be looking to have a family as well so maybe where there is great suburbs out. I am very open minded as to where in the US but somewhere livable and aceptable for a family (ie. lower crime rate and low storm rating I’d be so greatful for any advice from US residents) many thanks

Answer #1

I would say MIchigan, and with the market right now you could find something very affordable. there aren’t any earthquakes or hurricanes to worry about either. and the lakes are great! and most people are out of high school at age 18, so you wouldnt have to wait til 21, but you would have to wait to drink! (well legally anyway)

Answer #2

you should move to michigan, right now its really cheap to live here, so you can afford a nice house or apartment. and if you go about an hour from detroit, its safe but there are still a lot of things to do.

Answer #3

Thanks for all the replies, much appreciated. Ok, yeah I can wait, recently heard that it takes about 2 years for all the legal forms to go through, is that true? Yeah Michigan is Central I guess, aparently Detroit suburbs are like a ghost town now with the economic crisis?!

Answer #4

Ok thanks for answers how would I stand on getting a job though? Are GCSE’s and UK College qualifications accepted? or will I be able to get some other qualifications. I am 18 and will probably wait untill im over 21 untill I move as id be in high school right?

Answer #5

Denver, Colorado.


Boulder, Colorado. :)

Answer #6

You should move to Tennessee.

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