Why am i always tired during school?

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No sleep at home ? Go to bed earlier. Or your just bored. I fall asleep when i don't understand the topic, so maybe thats it ?

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Lack of sleep, or maybe not much is going on at your school. Playing video games, being on the computer, and watching the tele before going to sleep has proven to make me more tired during the day. Get some more sleep and steer away from electronic media [discluding music] before bed.

Tired and I dont know why :(

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Maybe your not getting a good nights sleep?
Not having breakfast in the morning can cause tiredness.

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Sleep early, Do your homework right after school, not at night or morning. and have a good breakfast.

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As everybody else has said, sleep and the right diet will help immensly with staying focused at school. You may be tired because you are lacking nutrients which can be found in fresh fruit and veges. Male sure to drink plenty of water, check out these How tos I wrote, they may help you:



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Schoool could be boring,but also it could be you have not enough energy(not a good breakfast)Or maybe you don't get enough sleep during the night . If you feel you don't maybe insomnia?Talk to your doctor if your concerned but just try eating right , excercising , and going to sleep mad early.

Didn't so good in school today because I was tired

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You're most likely just bored; it happens to me as well. If that's not it then you may not be getting enough sleep, or you're not eating enough in the morning to give you energy.

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school is pretty boring lol its normal for a teenager lol

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school is pretty boring lol its normal for a teenager lol

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