Tips for World Of Warcraft Beginners

I just start can anyone give me some tips like what to do. I’m a beginner. I’m not quite use to a game like this.

Answer #1

It’s a very fun and addictive game. The only reason I stopped playing is because my boyfriend got mad whenever I logged on- He has major trust issues.

:D Anyways! There’s nothing to it really.

You’ll find a lot of quests as you go along. Finishing quests gives you XP, which you need to level. Leveling is very quick at first, but the higher you get, the longer it will take- Not saying it’s hard to do though. Be sure to read the entire quest when it’s given to you, so you know exactly where to go and what to do. [Check your map to be sure you’re going in the right direction, duh!]

You’ll be alowed to join battlegrounds when you reach level 10, but I suggest you don’t do that until you’re higher in your level bracket. 10-19 20-29 30-39 Etc… You’ll be able to join more battlegrounds the higher [level] you become.

You will be able to buy a mount when you reach level 30. However, it’s typically a big investment for mount training. Maybe not when you learn Apprentice Riding, but it will most definitely be to learn Journeyman Riding, which is available at level 60.

Unless you choose to be a Death Knight. They start off at level 55 and come with a mount.

You can look online for MODs and other addons to download. Some of these will make your gaming a lot easier. I also suggest buying a guide book. Although, you may not need one.

BTW. It would very helpful to google WoW lingo if you aren’t already “hip” with the acronyms.

Such as … LFG- Looking for group. DOT- Damage over time. DPS- Damage per second. WWT/S- Want to trade/sell.

Yadda, yadda!

Ahhh. Jesus Christ, I could talk about this all day, but I’m going to stop myself now. Have fun and happy gaming.


P.S.- They’re right, you maaay lose a bit of your social life. …Unless your friends play on the same server too, then I guess it’s all good. :]

Answer #2

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Answer #3

Btw the mount is now at lvl 20 and I suggest for players around like lvl 15-20 to just kill everything all day I make at least 3g a day selling 2 vendors.

Answer #4

if you dont know what you are doing just kill stuff, dont overlook the drops always pick them up and sell them

Answer #5

ITs all killing things, thats all you do, the game wont be fun unless you have friends, if you dont have lots of free time on your hands dont play it, I can be very addictive and I played it and I didnt like it, for quests you kill, raids you kill, PvP, you kill, theres no other quests to explore and find awesome treasure its all just killing =/

Answer #6

I heard it is VERY addicitive. My mate played it for 2 years & he said it was a waste of 2 years. O:

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