What are your thoughts of me dropping out of school?

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I would think you were a fool.

Forgive my bluntness, but as a dropout, myself, I know what you can expect from life if you quit, and let me tell you, going back is a lot harder than just finishing it the first time. Be smart with your future - you only have a few years to go and it makes a lifetime of difference.

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I would not drop out of school, I am a high school drop out, and as soon as my life plans changed I had to go back to school. To get in the Army I had to get 18 hours of college because I did not have a high school diploma. High school is the fun time in your life, once you are out of school and working in the system, life gets harder.

Dropping out of school

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ok thank you :)
your advice really helps me decide what I'm going to do

I want to drop out of school
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Also when looking at getting a job you will find you will get over looked by people with their diploma, the more you have the more cards you can put on the table. Life is like a poker game, people with the best hand win.

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oh thanks for your advice :)
really helped

Dropping out of high school
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I dropped out of high school when I was 16. I can tell you now, it was *not* worth it. Growing up, you have a whole lot of new struggles that come about because of not finishing school. Getting a proper job is hard, for one. Most employers tend to favour those who have their grade 12 education. Secondly, college.. I don't know if you intend on going now, but if you want to go later, you'll end up having to go BACK to school. Going back sucks a whole lot, especially when you're older. In this day, however, it would be needed. (Don't say you definitely WON'T go, because feelings change.)

I'd just seriously say you should stay in school. I'm not sure why you want to drop out, but find a way around it. If it's the work, get a tutor or talk to the teachers about explaining what to do until you understand. If someone's upsetting you, let someone know. Just don't give up. You'll regret it every single day of your life later on.

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thank you soo much its goo to hear someone elses point of view especially if they ent through it
& yea I was thinking about it because of too much problems

Would you drop out of school if you could?
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Well I never dropped out of school. So luckily did not have to go back to finish anything. Its now 4 years after I finished school and I have a degree, a good job, a car, I go on holidays regularly and I own my own flat. So I would definitely say stay in school. I would not be where I am today if I had not finished school

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your right .. everyone that answered my question is
thank you

High school drop out
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I agree because I dropped out and it really isnt worth it!

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My brother dropped out when he was 15, he's 17 now and even though he doesn't say anything I know he is really upset that he did and really regrets it. He always says how much he misses all his friends and things. And just don't do it, it's dumb.

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Think about where you want to be in 10 years. What do you picture yourself doing for a job? Where are you living? Do you want to own a home? A good car? Travel? Do you picture yourself saying "do you want fries with that"? Take a good long truthful look at where your life will lead you if you drop out. If school is really bothering you then figure out a long term goal and look as school as only a step towards that goal. When times get hard keep that goal in your head.

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ok thanks

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ok thanks that advice really helps me :)

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I dont think thats a smart idea > <

However, school is very important to get anywhere in life :)
if you dont get an education, you cant get a sturdy job, therefore you cant have a sturdy job. Where will you be working in 10 years? Somewhere with a solid job? Or still working at McDonalds at minimum wage?

Keep your head up, and go for your goals :) <3

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thanks :)

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