What are your thoughts on the new "breast milk" ice-cream?

I recently heard that they wanted to invent an ice cream using breast milk in London, rather than cows milk. Just wanted to hear everyones thoughts on this. I honestly don’t know what to think of it. The thought of “breast-milk” ice-cream doesn’t sound too pleasant but if an ice-cream was generally made of breast milk, than I’d have found using cows milk disgusting.

Answer #1

Breast Milk taste nasty O.O so I wouldn’t buy it ??

Answer #2

I don’t think I wud buy it, but if that’s wat u like then go for it, as long as its safe

Answer #3

OH MY GOD!!!!I Even mother cows do not drink their own milk, do they? lol

Answer #4

What is wrong with normal ice cream? Does this new Ice cream have like WAYY more nutrients?? I don’t think they need to make this breast milk ice cream.

Answer #5

Ummmm I don’t think they do lol that’s a good question

Answer #6

Breast milk has a huge amount of nutrients and natural antibiotics. From what I understand, assuming the mother is healthy, it is one of the healthiest thing a human can consume. I would assume that ice cream made with breast milk would probably be way healthier than normal ice cream.

That being said, I still think its sort of creepy and gross and I wouldn’t eat it.

Answer #7

It probably does have WAY more nutrients as breast milk is extremely healthy and has many more nutrients, natural antibiotics etc. than cow’s milk.

Answer #8

ugh nasty theres no way in hell im gonna ever taste that

Answer #9

I think that the same energy being put into that should be placed on encouraging breast feeding to newborns. It really is ironic that so many mothers refuse to breast feed and yet we can waste it on ice cream. It is also as far as i am concerned, a fetish that belongs behind closed doors and not sold or even publicised on the open market. If the aliens herd that we did that, what would they think?

Answer #10

I agree with that

Answer #11

my mum used to be a breastfeeding volunteer (she taught other mums how to breastfeed)and she told me that the process for making ice cream would pretty much wipe out all the nutrients :)

Answer #12

I would try it :)

Answer #13

well, more babies suffering from malnutrition will be the big picture of it..

Answer #15

That wouldn’t surprise me in the least as processing cow’s milk does pretty well the same. The moment we process anything, we pretty well ruin it.

Answer #16

Like hell if I would ever eat that. And I generally consider myself pretty open to new things =/

Answer #17

eugh! i would not want to try breastmilk ice-cream it sounds disgusting

Answer #18

If this competes in any way with babies for breast milk that I’m opposed to it on moral grounds. Breast milk is for babies and they should have dibs on it. If it is milk that is unsuitable to give to babies or surplus than I don’t have a problem with it other than the weirdness of it. I also think drinking cow’s milk is weird though.

Answer #19

How could they possibly reach??

Answer #20

They don’t.

Answer #21

That’s very odd and sure your baby can eat it but I wouldn’t buy it or sell it.

Answer #22

Well I don’t think my boys would ask for this at the store.

Answer #23

Uhm, aliens? Are you kidding me? We kick a little white ball around and try to get it between a net, and this is something people world over watch on TV. We also skin baby cows to make shoes. Millions of people pray to something they can’t see, touch, or otherwise prove. And believe in a person a long time ago born to a virgin, who really was this invisible being himself, who was his own son. Yeah, I dont think that would be the weirdest thing on earth.

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