This sucks what should i do

ok well I work at marriott and today I had to work 3 to 11. and tomorrow I was scheduled to work 7 am to 3pm. so that means I cant do anything fun tonight because I work but now the guy that was suppose to work 3 to 11 tomorrow just called me and told me he cant work. so I he said if I can work for him. that means I will be stuck all day here tomorrow from 7am to 11pm! what should I do?

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Go to work, make money, because fun doesn't buy much of anything!

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Tell him no! If you have plans then you should speak up. I had to do that one time when I worked at a gas station. I worked the whole day, by myself, with NO break, and my feet and back were killing me and I am only 18 (well 19 in 10 days!) But just think of it this way, if your boss makes you work all day like that, the more money for you and the less for the employee that called off. I think you might get over time. If you dont want to then dont do it. let your boss know you have plans or something. ttyl

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