Who thinks being a vegetarian is a good idea?

Answer #1

but what about all those cows and pigs they already killed? u gonna let them die for nothing?

Answer #2

I’ll let somebody else eat them. I can’t eat a lot of meat. It grosses me out. Like I can eat steak if it’s well done.

Answer #3

Im eating chicken and mash poatoes now! :] O and Jqpimp does have a point!

Answer #4

Eew I do not eat chicken. He might have a point but like I told him, I’ll let somebody else eat them.

Answer #5

im thinkn bout turning vegetarian. but like jqpimp said its like if sumone killed someone and u found the body u mite as well bury them since there in the way. so i dont agree with him.

Answer #6

first jello blood now this… i think i might be on to something…

Answer #7

jello blood?

Answer #8

I think I might turn vegetarian too that’s why I asked. I mean I can always take protein supplement pills.

Answer #9

I guess so. If you want to be. There’s millions of people who do it. And have done it for millennia.

‘but what about all those cows and pigs they already killed? u gonna let them die for nothing?’

if he turns vegetarian, I’m pretty sure someone else will eat the meat.

Answer #10

my point exactly. Other people will eat the meat.

Answer #11

nvm lol

Answer #12

i sugest just eating meat on special occasions, and start eatn tofu. season the tofu and marinate it as it was like a steak. then go on to be a full time vegetarian cuz its hard to just change your lifestyele all at once

Answer #13

me cuz im one but its not a bad idea if ur not either and if u are a vegitarian u will probly be very healthy

Answer #14

I do.

Answer #15

I do.

Answer #16

I do.

Answer #17

I’m already very healthy. I just don’t like meats.

Answer #18

The only meat I eat now is steak. So I’m like almost a vegetarian.

Answer #19

wtf is with the triple post?

Answer #20

w..e! lol :)

Answer #21

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how bout them apples? wait i know..there gone cause u ate them…cause your a vegan.. which is coool and all.. but there are no apples

Answer #22

im a vegitarian cuz i dont like meat too. i dont feel bad for the animals i just think its gross i only feel a little bad and ur probly in good shape cuz ur a cheerleader so u can eat watever u want

Answer #23

I’m not VEGAN I’m thinking of becoming a VEGETARIAN!!! And I do eat apples! “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!!!”

Answer #24

I’m a vegetarian and I have been since the 4th grade. I just can’t bring myself to eat all the cute, innocent little animals

Answer #25

I wish I could eat what i wanted. During football season I can’t eat junk food at all. My trainer puts me on a strict diet.

Answer #26

haha awe!

Answer #27


Answer #28

u think coes poooping and slobbering all over the placr are cute.. and pooting..

Answer #29

Ugh gosh! I don’t like granny smiths either! Besides they are FREE if you have an apple tree!! haha

Answer #30

well… if you own a farm,… MEATS FREE… so whats the coincidence? MEATS BETTER thats what.. but if u do choose to be a veggie monster.. then peace be with you

Answer #31

Sorry, I’m not sure what happened. I haven’t been on here in awhile…

Answer #32

For me personally I think it is best to eat a variety of food, but it is a person’s choice if they want to be a vegetarian, and if it makes them healthy then it is doing them good and if not.. no way they can stay being a vegetarian : P

Answer #33

its a personal choice. i did it for a long time a few years ago, but i didnt lose any weight, if thats what you’re doing it for. vegan is much better. its harder and you REALLY have to watch your carb intake, but it has a greater payoff.

Answer #34

well then ur good but good luck giving up steak im tryn to be a vegataarian too but steak and turkey is makn it hard lol

Answer #35

it is a good idea…i have been a vegetarian for a little over a year now and i have lost 75 pounds (i used to be 220 pounds) and i get less colds and feel more energenic. be sure to eat lots of veggies, soy products, tofu, and other sources of protein and nutrients. also try soy and rice milks…they have less calories and fat in them and in my opinion taste better than real milk. also i find that vegetarian foods taste better than meat .

Answer #36

whether you decide to become vegetarian or not doesnt make any change in the meat industry, so if thats your goal, doesnt matter, cause you cant change everyone and there will always be a demand for meat. but if youre doing it for health reasons there are a few things that meat provides in a healthy diet that you can just take supplements for in case you want to give up the greasy burgers or cheesy steaks to lower cholesterol and fat intake, but honestly its no big deal. im a carnivor and i enjoy it :D

Answer #37

i tried to be a vegetarian. but im greek so that basically impossible for me not to eat meat. if i had self control i would be on. i feel bad for the poor animals D:

Answer #38

I’ve been a vegie for ages. I did stop and eat white meat a while ago for about a week but I couldn’t do it so I just continued being veg. It’s only a good idea if you are prepared to eat very healthy foods and take vitamins/supplements. I take a lot of vitamins because I also don’t eat dairy as a result of my lactose intolerance. You should look into ‘Evening primrose oil’ which is good for your skin and nails and hair (all of which will be affected with the sudden removal of meat). Also buy some basic multivitamins and maybe some iron tablets if you start to feel tired/dizzy after becoming vegetarian. Just because you stop eating meat does not mean it’s a big party of junk food. Taking meat out of your diet will affect your body and health and you need to be prepared to eat 5+ a day fruit and veges seriously, drink A LOT of water and eat very healthy foods.

Answer #39

well as long as you take your supplements then its not a bad idea :)

Answer #40


Answer #41

I’ve been a vegetarian for 30 years which is most of my life.

There are some compelling arguments for going vegetarian.

It is much easier on the environment; the meat industry uses massive amounts of water, has a huge carbon footprint, and the massive amount of waste produced by commercial farms and feed lots are far more than nature can absorb leading to a lot of pollution

Meat is an inefficient way to get nutrients. It takes several times as much nutrients to feed livestock than they produce. 2/3’s of mankind lives in hunger so if everyone were vegetarian we could raise more food for people than for lifestock. Back when cattle grazed on grass you could argue that they provided food but now they are fed grain grown in fields that could have produced food for people this argument no longer stands.

Life for animals in large commercial farms is grim; it isn’t the same sort of farms of decades ago where animals roamed farms grazing; livestock are manipulated for maximum production at minimum cost so they are usually confined, filthy, and pumped up on hormones to make them produce more and with antibiotics to keep them from getting sick in their unhealthy living conditions. There are a few small organic farms that treat livestock with some dignity but they are the exception rather than the rule.

Human are omnivores but most of mankind for most of our evolutionary history ate mostly plant foods. Our ability to live on nearly anything has allowed people to live almost anywhere but physiologically we are closer to herbivores than carnivores. A vegetarian diet is probably closer to our natural diet than the meat and dairy heavy diet most Americans eat. Vegetarians do enjoy robust health though truthfully near-vegetarians seem to do as well as strict vegetarians. Vegetarians have lower rates of cancer and heart disease and live longer than folks eating a typical diet.

As far as the argument that going vegetarian makes no difference because someone else will just eat the meat you don’t goes, there are millions of vegetarians; surely the drop in demand for meat means that fewer livestock are produced and slaughtered. You could use the same argument for child pornography. If someone didn’t buy child pornography than someone else would right? Therefore shouldn’t people be able to buy it?

Answer #42

I’m not trying to lose weight. I just don’t want to eat meat.

Answer #43

My grandmother has an apple tree and we own produce farms. Not animal farms.

Answer #44

I already eat healthy. So the only thing i would have to do is just take vitamins and supplements.

Answer #45

What can I say lois I’m a VAGItarian OOOHH!! Gigity-gigity-goo!!! Lol (quigmire) yhea its good, as long as you can follow a healthy diet

Answer #46

jqpimp…actually if you own a farm with animals the meat isnt free because you have to pay for them to be sent to the feedlot and you have to pay for them to be sent to the slaughter house from the feed lot and then you get your meat.

Answer #47

I’m already on a healthy diet lol

Answer #48

I dont I think it’s ridiculous. All those animals are farm animals, meaning they wouldnt know how to survive out in the wild and also, they never would have had any chance at life if they werent being bred, specifically to be slaughtered humanely, and used for food.

Answer #49

Eating those animals makes me sick. eeck

Answer #50

So very true!!!

Answer #51

So very true!!!

Answer #52

idk why this double posted

Answer #53

I don’t think so, unless it’s for health reasons. If you want to be a vegetarian because you think you’re “saving animals”, think again. The animals that we eat are raised to be slaughtered and whether you eat them or not someone else will so you’re not doing YOU or the animals a favor. I was a vegetarian of about ten years until just recently. My body was screaming for protein and other vitamins I wasn’t getting without the meat. Sure, you can be healthy with a vegetarian/vegan diet, but it’s much harder to keep your body satisfied. I’m beyond happy to start eating meat again, it’s done my body WONDERS. In fact, I didn’t lose my belly fat until I started eating things like lean chicken and turkey. Here’s what I say: Unless it’s for health reasons, eat enough meat to keep your body well nourished. I only eat meat a few times a week. :)

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