Who else thinks PMS is not an excuse to behave badly?

It seems like women feel they are permitted to do whatever they want when it is that time of that month.

Answer #1

Agreed…Just because we’re feeling lousy doesn’t give us a license to be miserable people. I think the effects of PMS are totally controllable, if we just try. On that same note, I get seriously offended when I’m having a bad day and I have to hear from some ignorant man that I’m “PMS’ing”…like women aren’t allowed to have bad days.

Answer #2

It seems? Well to me it doesn’t seem, it is. It’s not like they mean to act that bad but when you have that kind of level of stress on you, things tend to slip out ya know. Not to say that women have poor impulse control but when it comes to stuff like this, well you might as well give them a break right?

Answer #3

its not a good excuse, in my opinion. PMS controls the hormones and makes them go crazy, therfore you act like a bitch. usually you cant control it, it takes over that part of your brain, and how you act.

Answer #4

Some people have pmdd and some bi polar woman have a hard time before and during their period. Those two people can not control the mood swings that pms causes.

Answer #5

Well, for me PMS caused the breakup of my previous relationship. I looked into it also on one of my other sites (medications.com) and PMS causing women to act very bi*chy is very very prevalent.

In a lot of women its not controllable, in fact they don’t know that its happening. There are some forums over on that site that could cause you to cry reading them, just to see how much relationships suffer because of it.

Also most birth control pills/IUD’s cause TERRIBLE mood swings. Thats the major part of what cause my breakups. I just could not handle it anymore. From simple screaming all the way up to su*cide attempts. I don’t want to go into it because its too painful.

However, to conclude. It’s not the woman’s fault. Female hormones cause chemical imbalances in the brain and it cannot be helped in many cases.

You either grin and bear it, or move on.

Answer #6

Agreed cause if you caan act the same way when not pmsin an when you do pmms ur all moody you cant use that as a excuse your makin ueself in a bad mood so they say do stupid stuff an expect to get away with it cause theyll use the excuse im pmsin

Answer #7

we cant controle it!!

Answer #8

I don’t think it’s an excuse but I for one don’t do it on purpose. Sometimes the smallest things make me cry and I’m like dude, wtf? I TRY really hard to not be overemotional including anger, It just doesn’t work out.

Answer #9

Miguel, you are so right!!!! I totally agree with you! Sometimes we cant cntrl our emotions. We may be able to pop a pill & perhaps it may stop the cramps or other things but after years of taking it it has no affect on them…like me…I have been on the roller coaster emotional mood swing for over a week now…the pills arent working for the pain in my back, or getting rid of the bloating & irritating tossing & turning while trying to find a comfortable position to fall asleep in. hell I even got 4 pillows on my bed and find myself like a tornado at night with the covers kicked off & pillows all over my bed.
I dont go b!tching about it or try getting on people’s nerves but when someone gives me a smart @ss remark then yeah I will b!tch back regardless of my PMS. I think we all just have our good days & bad days & when on pms…its just more bad days then good bcz of our pains & hormones on a roller coaster. I dont think anyone does it on purpose to use it as an excuse or enjoy breaking into some rage of being p!ssed sh!tless one min then all teary eye another then all giggling while waking up in heat!(lol,for those that got that!)

Answer #10

I am so with ya on that one…:(

Answer #11

Well said! /clap :)

Answer #12

Agreed on the second part..like as if we are supposed to be cheerful every day! D we not get to be in a bad mood? Its either some smart @ss remark like: “What the heck is up with her? Is she on her period or did she just not get any last night! (then a brief chuckle)” That gets me so frustrated I just want to b!tch slap them! ugh :P

Answer #13

It’s a little frustrating actually. Because you either end up feeling bad that you blew up on someone, or someone is really mad at you :/

Answer #14

I know…and then you feel you have to justify why you acted that way all of a sudden(as if we even need to justify it in the first place!)

Answer #15

PMS makes a girl more stressed , and we have to put up with BSS ( Boyfriends stupid sh!t). Girls have a higher stress level, get more aggrivated, more worried, and have alot of problems. Girls get moody on their periods, their moods tend to change alot more quicky. Give the girl a break its not her fault would you like to be bleeding from your crotch, and having to worry about changing a pad/tampon ever 3 hours? Or worrying about bleeding through your clothes? I dont think you want that so quit complaining.

Answer #16

I agree. Most of the woman i date have learned to control there emotions when they have their monthly visitor. In fact, the last few woman I have dated, I would never know it if they didnt tell me. Try more exercise, and no, it is not a free pass to be a b!tch.

Answer #17

Try more exercise? No uterus, no opinion.

Answer #18

I think there is a difference between behaving badly and being irritable because you genuinely feel like crap. I do know some girls you just cannot be around at certain times of the month (which for some of them includes the week before and the week after!) but I have noticed they tend to be the ones who are not nice to be around in general. I mostly find I can be a bit short tempered and a bit emotional, but mostly it just hurts a lot and makes me tired. We have such crazy fluctuations in hormone levels that being a bit emotional is justified. Even my male endrocrinology lecturers have said if they had all that going on, they would have some pretty severe mood swings. I dont think it should be used as an EXCUSE to behave that way though, as in, you cant just use PMS as a reason to treat people badly.

Answer #19


Answer #20

I happen to be a woman. I happen to also have random periods that last for months. I also happen to have been alive longer than you. So, perhaps when you’ve been bleeding for 10 months non stop, then you can throw the ‘I know better than you’ card. No, it isnt fun. Yes, I get irritable. But I do not use it as an excuse to treat others badly.

Answer #21

I think there’s a difference between PMS and PMDD (sui.cidal thoughts being a major indicator that one is not simply suffering from PMS). And that level of mood disorder is not really comparable.

Answer #22

Mood disorders are not in the same league.

Answer #23

if a person has them the pms effects them in a differant way. Pmdd is caused because of pms.

Answer #24


Answer #25

Agreed Danielle…hi five girlfriend!♥

Answer #26

its a perfect excuse, i dont mean to sound gross but we leak blood every month for like alomst 10 days for most of our lives, not to mention the pain. some people r in more pain then others, and plus our actual bodies make us act like that not our actual self. trust me, if ur a guy, u dont understand till its u. its dreadful. some people get it sooo bad its to the point there really depressed so its not out fault!!!! im actually abit offended

Answer #27

Some girls need to stop being whiny btches and deal with it, the rest of us do. I don’t see it as a reason to be a bigger dck to people than normal and neither should anyone else. Yes, it sucks. We all have problems to deal with, and most girls have to deal with this so it’s nothing special, nothing to throw a fit over and should not be used as an excuse. Yes you can control it, I don’t believe anyone who says that their period turns them into a raging monster, if that’s the case you must have other problems as well, because most people I know control it just fine, even if they’re in a lot of pain.

Answer #28

PMS does not cause anything. PMS is simply the effects experienced by some women as a result of hormonal changes. PMDD is caused by the same hormonal fluctuations.

Answer #29

i hav recently found out i have a condition where i have PMS all the time, trust me theres a major excuse so act the way they do. girls r made a certain way and at times u hav to let us bit*ch bout certain things. its only human nature :}

Answer #30

Look, u try bleeding and cramping up for a whole week, and than tell me u wanna have a jolly conversation with ur neighbor when ur in so much pain u can hardly breathe. this causes emotional hormonal changes in a woman, i know it has for me, and this is reli stereotypical to me.

Answer #31

Apparently there is a misconception that I am a male. I have had my period for months (the longest was about 10 months nonstop). A week is nothing. So yeah, been there.

Answer #32

And again, with the misconception. I’m not a guy. I’ve had periods last for months (random hormonal imbalances that doctors cannot figure out how to fix). I’ve had cramps where I literally thought I would die (alright so I was 14 and obviously a little dramatic). I really cannot stand the whole feminist ‘you dont get it’ drama. Been there. Still dont get it.

Answer #33

hm. i did not know u were a girl. sorry bout that, but i have very horrible cramps and its hard to see ppl write things like “oh just deal with it” when i get them so bad i wanna cry. and than they expect u not to be emotional and to be all normal when ur totally dying of pain

Answer #34

I don’t personally realize I use it as an excuse, but I do catch myself blaming things on it.. my emotions go crazy when I’m having it..

Answer #35

i agree. I mean yeah, you are more emotion and you may feel a bit overwhelmed, but it’s not an excuse. You are still in control of your actions. When my friends try to play this card on me, I just won’t have it. And hey, not all women are like that, I’m certainly not.

Answer #36

oh sry well iv recently found out i hav a condition where the hormones in my body make me PMS 24/7 so when before my period its especially dreadful so i think i hav an excuse. doc still tryn to get me help

Answer #37

It isn’t In reality people say PMS but really PMS only exists in a very small number of women. Girls may be feeling bad because of their period but they don’t actually have medical PMS which in some cases needs to be medicated with behavior meds or what not.

Answer #38

Like I said, the Woman I have dated are probably a cut above and feel no need to subject a partner they love to emotional pain and suffering because, they are suffering. . . .just saying. :)

Answer #39

A week before and a week after? HAHAHA, that leaves one week a month, and twelve weeks a years where that woman is bearable to be around. Hmmm. . . let me know how that works out. No wonder fishing is such a popular sport. :)

Answer #40

A cut above? Lol. You are digging yourself in deeper. While I’m with the whole ‘deal with it’ attitude, uhm you really need to uhm yeah, not talk is a good way to go here. I’m pretty sure even these women who are ‘a cut above’ would object to your chauvinistic attitude.

Answer #41

The hormones in your body make you PMS 24/7? Simply out of curiosity, what exactly is this condition called. Also, I repeat, had periods last for months on end. I was also almost hospitalized for losing too much blood. I really do get it.

Answer #42

way to go danielle haha!

Answer #43

mig, you are right haha. temptress, i know how you feel :$

Answer #44

its sumthn to do with hormones i forget wat its called my mom knos lol its just that wen i pms(like the real pms before a period) i break out really bad, i gain alot of weight, and i cant function right so my grades r also affected and im already on edge so its areally hard time for me personally

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