Is it bad that i think this?

Is it bad that I think of my dads cell phone as a weapon? My dads he's talked to them on that phone..he's gotten text messages.. I don't know. Is it bad that I think that?

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No, I don't think your dad's cell phone is a bad idea to use as a weapon.
Your dad should learn something from this since your mom doesn't deserve that your dad cheats.
You should use that against your dad.

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My mom knows my dad has cheated before...

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I do the same thing
I look at my parents phone to see
and I know both of them are cheating on each other

but it's not ba at all

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No if you think your dads cheatin look it up and until ure possitive and got proof tell your mom

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No, my stepmother did the same thing... and my dad was paying her bill.

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its not bad at all
cheters desuve to get punished in my opinion

so no its not a bad thing at all
go ahed and use it as wepon ageanst him

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Nope what comes areound goes around .
point blank.

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