Who thinks its a good idea to put a 10 yr old who is 5 ft tall and 140 lbs on a diet, and why?

Answer #1

no she’s still growing : /

Answer #2

That would depend on what you mean by “Diet”.

A Diet is actually what foods you consume and helping a kid by putting him on a healthy “Diet” is a good thing.

But if your idea of Diet is just for him to loose weight then its not a good idea as you might be stopping him from eating nutrients that he needs to grow and develop properly.

So I can actually not really answer the question unless I know what you mean by diet and what type of diet you want to put him on?

Answer #3

i think it a good idea she is still growing that is the point. Her bones and everything are still deveploping, all the added stress can cause serious damage. And her internal organs are not fully developed and able to properly support that much weight

Answer #4

I mean like cutting chips, sweets, pop, and give her just a little less at meal time, and more fruit in between meals, and like a mile walk a day

Answer #5

I am concerned because of juvenile diabetes, and diabetes runs in my family real bad. She is very big boned as well, but still overweight and I’m just tryin to find the healthiest way to help her lose weight

Answer #6

You know what I think, when it comes to kids, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor. She’s quite tall for her age (girls her age are on average a lot shorter). Which means she’s going to be heavier as well. Is it ever a bad idea to reduce or remove sweets and soda, of course not. But to cut down her food or the amount of exercise is something you need to discuss with her doctor.

Answer #7

Yes she is tall for her age and I did check with her doc and her said it was ok to make moderate changes in her food intake and it is ok to have her exercise a little more

Answer #8

I believe firmly in what my pediatrition has told me “I dont believe in putting children on diets or denying them food”. My son is 2 years old and hes already past 3 feet and over 40 pounds. You dont put kids on diets, you give them healthier food and drink options. A diet usually refers to denying a kid food or controlling how much they eat. Its far better to keep your home full of healthy food items and drink items and that way you dont have to worry about what they are eating or drinking. Cut out the sodas, chips, candy, etc. Stock the home full of fruit, veggies, whole grain cereals, and other healthy food and snacks.

Answer #9

I don’t thinlk a “Diet” is appropriate, but changing his eating habits is. All junk food, pop and other similar garbage should be removed from his diet and replaced with healthy choices. I also think you shuld take hime to the Dr. and ask to be sent to a dietitian who will help plan healthy meals. I think he should be signed up for some sort of sport so he gets more physical activity. Staying healthy and maintaining a ideal weight isn’t just about what you eat, its also about getting active. Good luck

Answer #10

Then it’s a good idea. Give her lots of healthy foods. No diet foods and don’t cut out any essentials such as carbs etc. It is also normal for 10 year olds to have some baby weight, because their bodies are getting ready for puberty. What you are proposing is good, keeping her healthy will also help boost her self confidence.

Answer #11

I believe it’s a good idea to start bringing healthier snack options in your home and maybe do something active together like go for a bike ride around your neighborhood. make it fun and don’t make it seem like a chore :) i believe instilling healthy habits in children as early as possible. I wish my parents did it with me & my siblings because allowing us to get fast food whenever we wanted and letting us sit inside and watch TV all day during our summer vacations didn’t exactly make us the healthiest as we can be. I’m 19 not overweight but I do have a higher fat percentage than what is considered to be healthy. After having my blood tested I was found to be suffering of malnutrition because I wasn’t getting enough of the crucial vitamins I need. now I have to take a lot of supplements to get to that ideal healthy nutritional level or else I could suffer great consequences in the future. bottom line an unhealthy habit is a tough one to break, so it’s best to never let them start in the first place. and you as a parent can slowly start incorporating lifestyle changes for the better. maybe do it together and support each other on your paths to good health. it will be easier for your child if they see you being a role model and really encourage the importance of good nutrition - leading by example instead of making her do it on her own while she watches you indulge.

Answer #12

I think it’s the parents responsibility to whether their child is over weight or not. I agree with Mandy, you shouldn’t put your kid on a diet, just feed them healthier foods. Considering the 10 yr old is 5ft tall 140 is around a good weight for them.

Answer #13

If her doctor has said it is ok, I have to wonder why you’re asking this question?

Answer #14

I don’t think it’s a good idea to put a child on a diet at all, because you are setting them up to have problems with food and their weight. You have to teach children how to eat a healthy diet. The best teacher to do this is the parent. You may find this article to be helpful: [link removed]

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