Who thinks its a good idea to make your daughter grow her hair so she can donate it?

My daughter is what some would call selfish and self centered, I want to teach her their are others in the world because she thinks everything is about her, is makeing her grow her hair to donate it a good way to teach her to think of other?

Answer #1

Nope I don’t agree with that at all. A girl’s hair is what makes her feel feminine and like a girl. By taking her hair away, you could really set her confidence back that could take years to repair. When I was about 10, my mum had all of my hair cut off because it was so thick and I was complaining of the heat in Summer. Honestly, it really affected me as nobody would talk to me because rumors went around school that I was a transgender. I constantly had people mockingly asking if I was a girl or a boy and I began to think that maybe I was a boy (I wasn’t very educated in anatomy haha). It totally knocked any confidence I had out the window, I fell into depression and was in therapy for years. A better way to teach her a lesson on selfishness, would be to have her volunteer at a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, or sign her up to help the disabled camps nearby. A lot of young girls are selfish, it’s probably just a phase.

Answer #2

I’m sorry but u must have misunderstood the question, I want to make her grow her hair, she wants to cut it, and I did explain to her why I was makeing her grow it. She nevers considers others and I thought this wud be a good way to do it, in hopes that she will be proud of wat she has done by helping someone else

Answer #3

And it weird, she is 10 and she has hair that’s thick as well, lol

Answer #4

I think it’s a great idea! Only problem is the part where you are basically forcing her to do it. Try to make her understand what you’re wanting her to do with her hair. I’m sure she’s seen those St. Jude cancer commercials with the children who have lost their hair from chemo, let her know that she can connect with those children, who are just like her, by donating her hair. The fact that those commercials show children might help her empathize with them since they are her age.There’s a video on YouTube called “I cut my hair!!!” by KlairedelysArt, she is a pretty girl who still looked pretty after chopping her hair, that may help your daughter see that she can still be pretty with short hair. :) If she doesn’t understand after explaining it in terms that she may connect with, then I wouldn’t force her to go through with something like that.

Answer #5

No, I think that she should want to do it. Not you. It’s like saying sorry to someone after an arguement, because you get told to by your parents. You don’t mean it. It won’t teach her these qualities unless SHE wants to do it, for the right reasons. I don’t think that you should force her to. Encourage her, maybe. But not force her to.

Answer #6

I did explain to her very thoughly y I wud like her to do this, I tell her also that she is not the only person in the worls, cuz that’s wat she thinks. She never think of others and she doesn’t care sometimes how she makes others feel. I don’t know where she gets this behavior from cuz I don’t even know anyone like that

Answer #7

She doesn’t seem to mind but she does complain about it and I explain to her again that she is doing it for a good cuase

Answer #8

I think there are other ways that will teach her that there are other people in the world too. Making her grow her hair and donate it to charity, will just make her think about how you are making her grow her hair (which will lead to a ‘I have no freedom and I can’t express myself’ argument). If she donates her hair, she won’t directly see where it goes. She’ll just be happy with her new hair cut and all of a sudden ‘it’s all about me’ again. I’d suggest having her do something where she will see first hand what some people are going through. Don’t try and scare her, but if you want to do something like this, I don’t think growing and cutting her hair is the way to go.

Answer #9

I still think that it’s important that she WANTS to do it. :/

Answer #10

We do other things such as donateing other items to charity, we do volunteer work at the shelter every other Saturday, so she does get experiance in thinking of others, inother ways, not just from her hair

Answer #11

Ok thx for ur honest opinion I appreciate it

Answer #12

well if shes okay with it?

Answer #13

If your daugther WANTS to grow her hair out and donate it, yeah… but suggest the idea to her and let her think about it. never force your kids to do anything they don’t want to do. I would know, my parents force me to do ALOT of things that really bother me and I absolutely hate it.

Answer #14

I still wouldn’t force her to cut her hair when she doesn’t want to do it, that wouldn’t teach her anything if she didn’t feel the joy that comes from helping other people. I understand why you want to do it, I’d probably be feeling the exact same way; you’re in a very tough spot. But for her to get to the point that you want her to be at, she needs to understand, and be happy about what she’s doing. You could try to get her to do other selfless acts where she will be able to see the happiness she is giving to other people, then (maybe) try the hair thing again. Also, let her see how happy you get from helping other people. Exaggerate your happiness if you have to, just to let her see how good it feels to help others.

Answer #15

Shes 10? Well….does she want to? I wouldnt want to..lol thats not true actually lol..i have long thick hair and im going to cut it too my shoulders..at the moment its up to my but. And i was thinking about donating it..im only 13 iswell lol

Answer #16

Parents more ofetn than not, make thr kids do certain things to teach them things they will need to know when they go to out on thr own, so I’m tryin to teach her to think of others, she just doesn’t seem to get it

Answer #17

She wants to cut it, but its not long enough to donate yet, I’m tryin to make her wait to cut it, if I was to tell her we were goin to get her hair cut, she wud be jumpin for joy

Answer #18

No problem :)

Answer #19


Answer #20

She wants to cut it now, it will be long enough to donate in about a year, I want her to wait

Answer #21

dont make your daughter do anything. perhaps ask her if she would like to grow her hair to donate it, but if she dosnt want to, then you dont have any right to force her.

Answer #22

Its not that she’s so much against it, its just she was brining it up again that she wants to cut it. She doesn’t complain all the time, just every so often she will b talking bout it more

Answer #23

I feel that it is a personal choice.

Answer #24

How is that fair to her? I am Cherokee Indian and my mother would not allow me to cut my hair until I was 16!!! it was horrible. I have very thick dark hair and I did not want to have long hair so you should not force her to do so. Yes I understand you are trying to convince her to do something that will help others, however, by forcing her to wait, it will only cause conflicts between the two of you and also possibly make her not respect you for taking away her personal choices.

Answer #25

I believe that it’s her hair, she ought to be able to decide whether or not she wants to keep it long? You ought not to “make” your daughter do that

Answer #26

No. It’s her hair. Long hair is a pain, it takes longer to wash it, it gets hot and uncomfortable. Unless she really wants to do it, I don’t think it’s a good way to teach her charity. And honestly, she’s not even going to see what the outcome is. You telling her she’s doing a good thing isn’t going to get you very far.

Answer #27

Aww…dont make her wait…because maybe my next year her hair will be so long she wont want to cut it..i wanted to cut my hair, and after a few months later my mum said that she would take me and i didnt want to because my hair was long.( this was last yr btw) …but now i want to cut it, because i need to spend to much time on it ..lol im a lazy person! :P

Answer #28

I’m glad you’re actually wanting to teach your child good lessons. Maybe you two could work out some sort of agreement, with the hair thing or with something else. Good luck and I hope it all works out well for you both. :)

Answer #29

no this is a bad idea a girl should be able to were her hair how ever she would like its not ur choice its hers why dont u grow ur hair out and leave her alone u shouldn’t make her do anything with her hair that she doesn’t want to

Answer #30

it doesn’t matter let her do what she wants

Answer #31

I do grow my hair out and I do donate it thank u very much

Answer #32

good heres a story when i was little i had hair down my back i asked my mom to cut it and she always told me no so 1 day i got scissors and cut it my self there no point in makeing her wait just let her do it

Answer #33

I think that it all comes down to her choice, you don’t want to pressure her into doing that. If she wants to or not, it should be respected.

Answer #34

It would be a good idea but there’s the fact of it staying healthy. Also it should be way longer than 10 inches so you can still have the really nice hairdo. But it is a very nice thaing to do!

Answer #35

Her hair is 10 inches now and it grows fast

Answer #36

No way. Hair is part of a girls confidence; its part of who they r. I had my hair cut into a crop twice and I hated it afterwards people treated me differently and I had no self confidence til it grew back.

Answer #37

U don’t undersand she wants to cut it

Answer #38

if she wants to i suppose its fine

Answer #39

Okay well that’s good then. Just remember that most kids go through an ‘all about me’ phase when they are 9,10,11,12,13,14,15 years old.

Answer #40

Ok I will keep that in mind, thx so much

Answer #41

Well ,Im 11 myself and ive always loved long hair,when i was little my grandma chopped my hair off,but its grown out, But if her hair grows fast then id say go ahead but you can get money for it,

Answer #42

That is a good idea to make money, but for what I’m tryin to teach her I don’t think its a good idea, thank you though

Answer #43

I Know,You can also donate it to a cancer center(: Thats probably the best thing to do :P (donate it)

Answer #44

i love my hair long and have no clue as to why she wouldnt, you can do so much too it all different hairstyles. but i suppose it all will come with age

Answer #45

well maybe her daughter is only “young” and doesnt really quite “understand” although im sure she probably is “smarter” then you are

Answer #46

I just cut my daughters waist length hair very short like a boy

Answer #47

You are wrong I just mu daughters waist length hair very short like a boy

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