Who thinks the 10,000 Afghanistan protestors shouting "death to America" went overboard?

I get it, it was wrong for the American, Christian pastor to suggest burning the Quran. However, their response was more than a bit extreme….and, if people in the US are ever to actually respect Muslims, I think that tolerance, on all sides, is lacking too much for that to happen. OR do you think they were somehow in the right to shout such things?

Answer #1

This is why they say that one bad apple spoils the whole bunch. Even though they didn’t go through with it, its embarrassing as a country to have that suggested. I do think it was wrong, especially since they did NOT go through with it. It was unnecessary, as a country we shouldn’t have to suffer for one persons doing but that’s what happens :/ it is, what it is.

Answer #2

i feel most of the non-muslims dont know a very major think in our religion, that is in QURAN “killing a innocent non-muslim is like killing a muslim”(thus it banned on all muslim by ALLAH (GOD) tht we cant harm or kill any innocent non-muslim) so burning QURAN is not right. plus the father from florida who announced the Quran burning day is doing the same thing as taliban that is dont care about other people. n i personally think 10000 protesters didnt go overboard. QURAN is our holy book, n burning is not rite. plus afghanistan is suffering for 8 years on hands of america and al-qaeda. plus drawing MOHAMMAD (prophet) day was also wrong.

Answer #3

10,000 people protesting is not the issue, it is the words “dead to America” which is crossing the line….We all condemned the Christian moron who wanted to burn the Koran and if this idiot had his way, his action alone, would have placed many American soldiers and Allies in extreme danger…….I know, I am going to get crucified for my next comment by some members on FA, but I find most Muslim protestors (you hear on the news and in print) to be very racial and whacked out crazy.….Take for example a Dutch Politian who wanted to reduce the number of Muslim immigrates entering the Netherlands and one of the well-know Australian Muslim cleric had the audacity to encourage his followers world-wide for the beheading of this Dutch politician…..I understand not all Muslims or Islam followers are like that, but when their own leaders preach such graphic hardcore violence, it the fundamental opposite to what a lot of decent Muslims are telling non-Muslims, that their religion is about peace and love but the action of a few extremist single-handedly taking the religion backwards and making people more uneasy about the religion itself and it’s followers.

Answer #4

I certainly think that their reaction is understandable. So far from what I have heard Americans in GENERAL are extremely intolerable of the Muslim religion. Every now and then you hear one of them calling all muslims terr0rist or something ridiculous like that. If I were in there situation I also wouldn’t act favourable towards America at this stage. Then again you are right, it isn’t helping fueling hate with hate, but I guess when you are angry all reasoning goes out the window. I think that the pastor should be locked up for the havoc that he causes, maybe that will restore some of the peace.

Answer #5

All religions have crazy and wacked out protestors, ESPECIALLY christianity. This incident just proved it.

Answer #6

Huh? Are we actually reading thedude’s question or did you decide to “let’s have a go at Christianity”? What “incident just proved it” The beheading or my comments??

Answer #7

Just making a comment on you stating that most Muslim prostestors are wacky and crazy. Not right in MY opinion.

Answer #8

Each to their own, there is no right or wrong opinions…. Even I know, Muslims, Christians, etc and etc, all can be wacky and crazy….Take for example, the Christian father who hid his own daughter as a prisoner in the backyard shed as his sex slave, so he could ra-pe her etc…..Seriously, why not disect all my comments instead of zooming in on one part only…..I can continue with the agrument and asked you, “Do you condone or condemn, a leader encouraging the beheading of another human being”, but I won’t as I know your answer would be a firm “Condemn”.

Answer #9

This is what I have been haranguing about for the last while. None of this is important. Fighting one another benefits no one. It is a distraction from the real issues. People who machinate on power know that order is created from chaos. It is also stated in the military maxim… divide and conquer.

Anyone remember the Brothers Grimm fairy tale about the valiant little tailor? The tailor accomplishes astonishing feats through trickery and winds up in service to the King. The King sends him on a fools errand to slay two giants. While the two giants are asleep… the tailor pelts one with rocks and fools the giant into thinking the other one did it. The two giants kill each other… fulfilling the tailors quest.

The tailor fomented discord to achieve his goal. This tactic is used very often. We stirred up sunni and shia discord in order to establish military bases in Iraq. Globalists stirred up discord in the Balkans to establish NATO bases there. United we stand and divided we fall… Why do we allow ourselves to be pawns in a game we can’t win?

Answer #10

I suppose it’s because I’m used to taking out to me what is the most important in a whole paragraph (blame it on the studies). And I agree with some of the other things you had to say, so no need to dissect them.

Answer #11

I agree, this goes way too far. It’s almost a replay of the Jyllands-Posten cartoon about Muhammed, although burning Korans is far more offensive. After that cartoon, death threats were made and rewards offered for taking the life of the cartoonist. Danish embassies were set on fire, Danish flags burned, and threats made against Danish citizens worldwide. Yes, the cartoon was inappropriate and offensive. The response was disproportionately hostile.

I think many people, including many Americans, agree the Koran burning protest was a horrible, intolerant idea. The shouts at these protests show how quickly hatred and intolerance can build up. I think it also shows that one such act can sometimes be more powerful than many acts of tolerance and charity, such as the massive outpouring of aid from US citizens to the Muslim world after earthquakes in Pakistan, or the Tsunami in Indonesia.

Answer #12

CNN has an interesting story about two Pakistani-Americans who traveled around the country. They visited several rural towns in the US, in order to find out just how some average Americans treat Muslims. The treatment they got was overwhelmingly positive. Most people, apparently, were polite, friendly, helpful…and took no issues with their religion or ethnicity.

Their conclusion is the voices of the intolerant minority unfortunately get heard, and get more media coverage, than the millions of decent, tolerant people you will find if you actually visit the country. I think one might find that be true in many places around the world.

Answer #13

Honestly, i am not suprised they said that oo but yeah it was a bit extreame… i just wish we would let eachother be without war ‘--

Answer #14

I dont. They dont like us and im sure they’ve got plenty of not only reasons, but good reasons not to. Im not sure if they have freedom of speech over there, but they must if they’re able to protest, if not, though I feel like everyone deserves freedom of speech as well as everything else, so if they want to shout death to america, then i’ll shout “AMERICA, F*CK YEAH!”

Answer #15

seriously sounds like something out of South Park its that ridiculous..

Answer #16

Because we are not invited to the bilderberg meetings!

Answer #17

You are extremely misinformed Irene. In America you can go to Christian Churches, Synagogues, Islamic Mosque’s All on one city block. Can you say that for Muslim Country’s? I know for a fact there are Christians in these Islamic Countries who are persecuted for practicing their faith. That doesnt happen here.

Answer #18

ya i think they did cosidering one person was KILLED!!! but the other thing is the plan to burn the book. burning it is like them burning our flag and the bible. truth be told, when i saw the videos of the people burning our flag on the news, i ran out of the room crying.

Answer #19

that christian f*#k job would have gotten us killed!!!!!!

Answer #20

omg ya

Answer #21

Wrong. Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world and has people practicing all religions…the second largest island (Bali) is mostly Hindu, not Muslim. And there are Christian, LDS, etc, missions who are desperately trying to convert the natives as well - I met a few when I was there, as my dad attended their weekly meetings.

So…yes, there are radical countries and there are much more progressive ones whose main religion is Islam. It’s a bit hard to remember sometimes, for some I think b/c Indonesia isn’t a radical muslim country, like Iran or Saudi Arabia. However, they do have the single largest muslim population in the world :)

Answer #22

So it stands to reason that a loving God As expressed in Christianity cannot be held acountable for these things. This is mans will. People who do stupid $hit and say God told them to do ir are idiots. Jesus Christ taught love and Compassion.

Answer #23

Then dont Just say “wrong” Jeremy. lol, I am not wrong. you forget I have been all around europe and the middle east. W are diverse and Tolerant here. Too tolerant sometimes.

Answer #24


Answer #25

Assuming a god exists then

God created everything including free will and ultimately should be held responsible, however if you are the only power and the ultimate one then it makes sense that you never will be held accountable.

Answer #26

Doesn’t it happen here? Burning someones bible isn’t persecuting them, getting people to condemn them isn’t persecuting them? I know of people who go to these countries to do missionary work and is allowed to do so. The world and religions are persecuting each other, in my opinion you don’t have to kill someone to kill their essense so to speak.

Answer #27

In saudi Arabia you are given lashes or put to death for practicing Christianity or other faiths. That is what happens under 100% Muslim law. Ya, Real tolerant!!!

Answer #28

Zazapk, let’s not be too one eyed here…..Some of the protestors and onlookers, cheered and danced when they set fire to the America flags and the burning was captured and broadcast live around the world….Many American fathers, sons and brothers lost their lives defending America THE COUNTRY during time of war, so burning the national flag isn’t wrong but burning the Koran is? Shouldn’t both be just as important? Considering Muslim fathers and sons would sacrifice themselves in the name of Allah….Wouldn’t you think both the flag and the Koran are held in high esteem by those who are proud of what they believe in or proud of their country….The protestors did get away with mocking these died soldiers and let’s not forget the families who I’m sure witnessed the act on television, who hears their outcry.

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