What would be a good thesis statement for a paper about police brutality/corruption?

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A debatable thesis statement aginst police brutality to be a bit more specific

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Abuse of power is the ultimate in corruption.

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what is your believe in that topic...Does society get the police service it deserves and does police brutality reflect a brutal society..

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You could use something like this:

How much reasonable force can an officer use before it is considered police brutality and in what circumstances.

You would at least need to use something that is debatable that is specific that you can expand on in the paper.

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Imagine yourself being beaten down by 3 police officers because you took out a pear to eat...their excuse....they thought you had a grenade....is police brutality and corruption getting way out of hand....I believe so.

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This is what I would put as a thesis statement.

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f@ck the police

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Is it fair that police can use brute force to protect and serve the people of our country? Police are suppose to be here protect and serve the people of our country, however, in some cases police abuse their power and force become police brutality. Good luck!! It seems like this could be an interesting paper!


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Well, if you're still in need of one, drop me a line. I have this handy-dandy "Thesis Generator" tool on my University of Phoenix page that I can use to help you out. 8D

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lol f@ck

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