What's the right answer to "what's up?"?

I no this is really stupid q, but what is the 'right' answer when someone asks u "what's up?". everytime I say something besides "nothin really", they give me a funny look an act like im socially stupid. is that really the only acceptable answer?

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My favorite is... Anything that's not down or sideways, but that really depends on your point of view.

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my fav "nothing much, I'm fine and dandy like sugar candy; and you?" lol

really it just means "how are you". you're not socially stupid, if that even exists. don't sweat it, they probably just thought you'd go into a rambling about your life...

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if they ask u whats up say "the sky"!
or just tell them the most recent thing thats happened 2 u!!!

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I also have the same problem but when you get that, try any f the following:-
1. For friends, try 'the sky', 'the roof' or look up and say nothing then look up and smile at them
2. For the others, try 'cool'

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if they ask you cause they think somethin is wrong (only close friends do this!) just say oh ... (whatever happened) but if you are good or its someone you don't no say nothin much, or alls good!

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It's just a greeting. People don't actually want to know what's going on in your life. Never get too deep at first.

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Say 'nota much wata bout u?'

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When people ask me what's up...I like to reply with something that will make them laugh...
What's up?...My Weight!
My blood pressure...
My heart rate when I think of you...
My Libido...
The Sun...

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what's up? what's up? what's up? can anyone answer the straight answer for this question besides saying any thing else...

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I always ask my friends 'what's up?' or they ask me..

to us it's just like 'what are you doing?' whenever someone asks us that.. we just basically state what we're doing.

so a typical answer to us is.. 'watching tv, listening to music, doing homework, getting dressed etc'

I hope I helped!

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they say whats up, you just say hi or hey...its the same awkwardness when people ask you how are you doing. most people answer good or fine, when actually they maybe having the worst day of their lives

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Up where?

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