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If any of you have seen the new season of the Real World in Brooklyn - they have a new cast member who is a transgender female. Post-Op.

It seems to be causing a lot of talk and interest and I’m just curious as to what other’s views are of this.

Mine: I am personally glad that they are breaking the mold and bringing in a transgendered female. I’m hoping that she can show people that she is the same as everyone else, the struggles she has had to go through, and maybe teach some people a few things are tolerance. Although, I am afraid that her putting herself out there like that is going to have a negative effect, as I dont know if the world is ready to accept her being on national tv on a popular tv show. I hope the world proves me wrong.

Answer #1

wow…anyway I think its cool these people only get badmouthed and arent seen as normal people hopefully this person will not keep up that pattern that people see

makes for good tv though

Answer #2

well put moe…

I wanna add. kristayababii do you honestly think people choose something like that just to get beaten up and judged by bible bashers and homophobes like you. jeez you are an ignorant person.

By the way I am a Christian and I am not gay

Also I don’t believe religion is necessary a bad thing, but I do believe that it sometimes seriously need to change. How can you accept divorse and not accept gay - apparently the bible condemns both…sounds really messed up to me.

Also to answer your question, I think it is a good thing that they are bringing a trangendered female, it will open a lot of people’s eyes.

Answer #3

Your friend was either lying to herself whenever she was dating men - or she is NOT gay. Period.

I really dont’ care what you have to say anymore - you have already done a GREAT job at making yourself look stupid and ignorant. Congrats.

Answer #4

If got abook that covers the whole gay/ bisexual thing and its quite interesting. It is altough not in the genes (according to the book I read). It’s to do with hormones inbalances when youre developing. Women have more testorone will be bisexual or lesbian. Men with more estrogen will be bisexual/gay.

The main resaon why people like that ( the lady in the programme) are not accepted is because of religion and its outdated beliefs. This is why im constantly saying religion is a bad thing.

Answer #5

Being a bisexual woman - I can tell you that it was never a “choice” for me to be bisexual. You can’t just turn on or off your attraction for the same sex. You can talk to any “real” gay or bisexual person and know this. Plus, there is scientific evidence proving that homosexual people are born with a different gene that makes them gay - just as people are born with a different gene that makes them a different race.

Answer #6

kristayababii I do think people are born gay…I have a gay cousin and ever since he was a baby he always preferred female toys, cartoons, pink colors, etc.

Answer #7

Your not getting to me nor am I getting upset. I’m actually laughing at how ignorant you are making yourself sound.

I’m not saying your uneducated for not agreeing with me - I’m saying it because you haven’t done research on the topic and are refusing to believe FACTS that have been proven many times. That is ignorant.

Answer #8

Why don’t you try doing some research and not sounding so ignorant my dear.

Yes people are born gay - it’s been proven many times. Homosexuals are born with a different gene than straight people - just as blacks and white have different genes.

You really should learn some things before you try and jump in an argument and make yourself look uneducated.

Answer #9

I agree very much with mandyloo you should do your research or actually become friends with a gay person look into there feelings as well

Answer #10


You need to realize that not everyone believes in “Your God.” It’s not nasty to be a transgendered person, and until you realize how they feel or all the things they have to go through - you have no right to judge.

Speaking of judging - I’m sure your “God” would not appreciate you calling transgendered people “nasty” doesn’t he teach you Thou Shalt Not Judge - learn your own religion please.

Answer #11

I was kind of in the middle about this but I think it’s a great idea that she goes on and proves to people that she’s a person she’s no different from anyone else she has a heart she’s just gone through experiences that make her who she is. I have the most respect for her going on TV and showing everyone her story because I know I could never do that myself. Some close minded people probably will try and put her down because of her situation so I think it’s going to be hard on her but still I’m glad they opened their minds and are allowing her to come out and let everyone see her story and experiences. I’m very interested in what all is going to happen this season.

Answer #12

I think its a smart move rating wise for mtv…its gonna be interesting…I’m def gonna watch this season

Answer #13

And if that friend is really gay then she knows that your born with it but she must be fake as like you are with your whole thinking there is no reaserch I promise you that there is and just take two seconds look it up then come back here and comment and we really are laughing that your making yourself sound stupid but you can think what you want to

Answer #14

Then she “herself” is confused or bisexual. Although, a lot of gay people did date the opposite sex when they were younger - to try and be normal and to fit in. That does NOT mean that she liked it or is not gay.

You have a lot to learn about life my dear. I feel sorry for you.

Answer #15

I can’t wait. I think its going to be very interesting. And I agree with you I’m hoping it will open people’s eyes and change some people’s minds on things like that. They are also putting a mormon on the show as well so I’m hoping it will show that two very different people can still come together and can learn from eachother.

Answer #16

Save your prayers please - we don’t want them.

Also, he can’t “deliever” anyone from anything. You are born gay - it’s something that is in a person’s genes just as their skin color is. It’s not something anyone “wants” to do is what you need to understand. You are who you are - and you can’t change it. Do you honestly think that people “want” to be hated, discriminated against, have their rights taken away, bullied, attacked, beaten, killed, all because of who they love. No of course not!

Answer #17

here are some site you can go to since your to lazy to look it up it is provent google it and she is not a true gay then you are really imbecilic and there are more sites you know I really dont care if you aprove I am not going to change being bi for you your opinion means nothing im not going to change my mind just try to change some people sate of mind even know you dont care you belive your right no matter what people say even if they are gay and bi and we know its not a choice but ill let you think what you want even know we know your wrong you get to defenceive so when you go to the doctor for a sore neck and ts because you slept on it wrong you would arguee and say its broke cause you have no idea and the doctor knows what they are talking about it

Answer #18

This is from my psychology book:

Evidence suggests that sexual orientation is at least partly hereditary, although biological, social, cultural and psychological influences are also involved. Some researchers now estimate that sexual orientation is from 30 to 70 percent genetic.*

I also watched true life one time, and this guy grew up with a very religious background (Mormon I believe), his whole life he was denying to himself that he was gay. He didn’t want to be gay, so they tried electroshock therapy, thinking it would work. If sexual orientation is a choice, why couldn’t he just decide to be straight? Some people aren’t comfortable being homosexual or bisexual and they try to date people of the opposite sex, hoping that their homosexual feelings will pass. I think everybody has a right to love who they want to love. It’s nobody’s business. We’re supposed to love one another. It’s THEIR lives, so why should we worry about it?

Answer #19

I think of Katelynn as a female because thats what she has worked so hard at to become. From watching the show, she seems like a wonderful, outgoing, easy to talk to person. I think that if the cast wanted to know about her they should have asked instead of shoo shooing behind her back..the girls not dumb…she figured out what they were talking about and it probably hurt her feelings. I think that if they can except JD being gay then they can except Katelynn as a transgender.

Answer #20

Evidence suggests that sexual orientation is at least partly hereditary, although biological, social, cultural and psychological influences are also involved. Some researchers now estimate that sexual orientation is from 30 to 70 percent genetic.*

personally, I dont think its genetic at all. I mean you feel the way to you feel not because of genetics it just has to do with what you like. I mean I dont choose to like a certain guy. I just like him. the things about him make me like him && I didn’t choose to like guys && I dont choose to not like girls. I just don’t like them. && its not in my genetics cause I do have gay people in my family. && my friend’s brother is gay but she likes boys. I mean its not genetic its just what you like && what you dont like you dont get to choose it.

Answer #21

“The main resaon why people like that ( the lady in the programme) are not accepted is because of religion and its outdated beliefs. This is why im constantly saying religion is a bad thing. “

religion isn’t a bad thing. its how the people take the religion && the bible or whatever && I don’t know much about other religions but im pretty sure when people say that they’re talking about Christians cause that’s the only one I’ve known to say that being gay is a sin. but im very religious but I take it in the way God wanted us accept everyone around you && not judge just because of someone they like or whatever. its not their choice. they just like them. so I mean why can’t people get over it right? its their life not mine. yeah its a sin but so is lying and cheating but I’ve lied && cheated in school does that mean im automatically going to hell? well of course not!

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