The poem I wrote the guy I like.

theres this guy I like at my school but hes also one of my marching bandmates. today im suppose to read him the poem I wrote and tell him how I feel, but I dont want to creep him out with the poem so any ideas what I can do to easy up this situation so I dont creep him out that much. thnx. heres what the poem says:

I may not always know the right words to say To show my feelings for you As hard as it can be for me It’s all I can ever do

Hoping one day you’ll ask me out That be the most happiest day of my life To hug you tighter then ever and kiss you But I have my doubts

I’m not as pretty as other girls or as skinny as them But I do have a body, a mind and a soul That has feelings stronger then them Unlike them your smile makes my whole

Oh how I’d love to kiss you and be with you For the rest of my life shall I say? I’ve only known you for a second, a minute, an hour and a day But what else can I ever do. . . . .

But love you for you =)! I <3 you, Jake!

Now and forever yours,

        LaNeice Davis
Answer #1

I would suggest doing this somewhere where others are not around so that it is less intimidating. Try to be confident. You will not know what will happen until you try. Good luck.

Answer #2

ok thats a little creepy. not going to lie.

and be careful w guys named jake. they can be trouble. but good luck with whatever you do

Answer #3

I don’t know about this one I think it will kind of scare him off I would settle for a little cute poem

Answer #4

I also like a guy named jake. I liked him sincew pre-school. and the whole school is sayin I should go out wit him. I want to its just I dont know how to ask him out so mayb this poem will say it loud and clear. ivr nevr had a boyfriend before so mayb this will seal the deal. thx -paige from kansas

Answer #5

very nice!!! , guys like poems for them. I love em…

Answer #6

I love this poem I am probably going to use this poem for valentines thanks for writing this it is perfect!!!

Answer #7

I think it’s cute :) , you don’t see people write someone they like a poem everyday, honestly it just goes to show that some people have deeper feelings than lust.

Answer #8

ok here…try going up to him and givin it to him really fast and just hurry and say I hope you like it cus I like you and I know you may not like me but im going to take my chances…then walk away as soon as you hand it to him…I made a ppoem for a boy it was so long but then he texted me with a huge smile and was like awww thts so sweet lol I felt so happy I had butterflies all day…message me and stuiff I ll tell more..but hope this helps :)

Answer #9

I love that peom because im going through that poem rite now…so thnks

Answer #10

I used to be in love with my best friend. once I decided to tell him what I feel and I did. he felt weird and I felt very unconfortable but I was happy I did it. now we are still best friend. I have a boyfriend and I think my best friend loves me…u cant know if you dont try so if you really like this guy go for it so that you won’t be wondering what if…and we can’t help you as much as you can help urself. you know him very well I guess so ull know what is the right thing to do. and whatever it is dont regret it later! :) gd luck. Sarah.

Answer #11

I like da powms bt that not good 4 da good and right guys you people sould do how much you love dem wiff out a love and dout

Answer #12

after reading the comments and the poem im even more confused. I llike this guy a lot and I dont want to scare him away. what shall I do.

jasmine marshall.

Answer #13

….no offense but guys hate stuff like that unless he’s a pus sy. Either way it’ll prob creep him out and if he does say yes then he’ll def have the upper hand in the relationship which wont be fun. honestly just get him alone, be straightforward and ask him out. Nothing fancy. If he says no then it’s not the end of the world.. and he wont think you’re weird.

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