The next step after making out?

Ok, well, my boyfriend and I have only gone as far as making out, but he wants to go farther. I honestly have never gone farther, I have never had a relationship where I was willing to, but the question is, what is the next step? He isn't really saying what it is he wants to do until he knows that I would be okay with it, and he doesn't want to pressure me. So, can you guys tell me what the next step would be?

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There is NO protocal that you follow in relationships. Your relationship sounds programmed, not natural! **my boyfriend and I have only gone as far as making out, but he wants to go farther**>> I agree with danymarie about girls giving into guys like that. It seems hes more interested in getting sexual than in just having fun being with you physically! This is why young teen relationships dont last, because its based on lust, NOT love! Just because HE wants to go farther, doesnt mean you have to go along with it. I dont know how old you are, but I'm guessing your young. Trust me when I say, that just because you do everything he wants, doesnt mean he is going to stay with you forever. Chances are you will have more than 1 boyfriend, so you need to keep your self respect, until you are older, & you know hes the one you will be spending the rest of your life with.

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Haha, Loving that doing sexual things have been turned into a baseball game.
He probs means he wants hand or to finger you or maybe oral.
But if you have no idea what hes talking about, then don't do it. wait until your ready

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you should ask him. but dont do anything you dont want to, I hate it when girls give into guys just like that. I'm not sure how old you are but I'm guessing you're pretty young so just be careful and dont do it if you'll regret it.

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he could be talking about fingering you or maybe oral sex but I doubt its oral sex cause thats like two stepps farther than what you guys are doing. but I agree with stephanief987 is right you should ask him what he means by the next step

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well this is how guys see it .(well I do)its a game of baseball 1rst base is making out 2and is caressing brests than 3rd is sex .if you go to first than skip 2and and then onto thrid thats considered a homerun

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It depends who you ask - one persons thought of the next step could be totally different than what someone else thinks. What you need to do is ask him exactly what he means by "the next step" then when he tells you what it is thats when you can tell him if you are ready yet. If he doesn't tell you then be like "okay well when you know, I'll know".

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he probly want to finger you, or wants you to give him a handjob.
but the safest way to know is to ask.
what someone thinks may be totally different from what someone else thinks.

good luck!

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prob fingering and handjob but I would ask him like stephanief987 said

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