the a and b team for softball

ughh ok. so I got on the b team for softball. I’ve been crying so much and I just need to know how I can get thorugh it. can anyone help?

Answer #1

b team is fun

Answer #2

Get up and dust yourself off - go show them they made a mistake…go get ‘em !!

Answer #3

There’s nothing wrong with being on the B team, it just means you need to practice more, and being on the B team will give you that time to improve.

Honey, you really have to find a way to deal with these little problems more effectively - if you can’t handle something like this, you’re going to be toast out in the real world.

Answer #4

I was on the b team for basketball but just cause my dad was coaching tha team but if not I would have been on the a team cause im really good. But dont be sad b is just as good as a. maybe they wanted you to go on the b team so other kids could look up to you and try to be as good as u. I have heard of that before. That is probably it.

Hope I helped!!!

Answer #5

okay I know how you feel…you feel like because you weren’t on A team that the coaches think you aren’t a good enough player. I had the same problem I got on C team for my softball even though I was way better then that. I was the best on the team and I though that the coaches would see that and they would move me up. they didn’t. I worked my butt off the rest of the year and by that same time this year I had made my softball varsity team and I was in the top 5 best players. so my advise to you is just keep giving it your all. even if being on B team makes you feel like your coaches don’t notice your softball ability just show up and make it look like you want to be there even if you dont. and if you end up being the best by far on your B team then the coaches should keep that in mind for next year. you could also ask the A team if you could practice with them just to improve. I am sure they will let you unless they are total jerks which is highly unlikely. I really hope this helps because I know how horrible it feels.

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