How to pick a formula for my baby?

I changed the way I burped her and her hiccups are fewer and farther between! thank you!!
K- Now her umbilical cord has fallen off she is nine days old...
I will be sure to direct my other questions to you as my husband is of very little help thanks again!!!
p.s. How do I pick a formula??? the pediatrician was no help on that question

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Of course breast milk is the best for baby but if that isn't practical or possible I'd suggest one of the products that is enriched with DHA and ARA since babies on these formulas showed better mental development on tests. Enfamil Lipil and Similac Advance are examples.

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I highly recommend similac products. My daughter is 8 months and I started her off on similac advance, It worked great at first, then I found out she had slight acid reflux. So I switched her to similac isomil advance and shes been fine ever since.

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