What tests do you have to do at the DMV to get your license?

Answer #1

depends on the state but in NC road and written test :D

Answer #2

The driving course, and an eye sight test. For a permit you’ll have to take a class and a written test.

Answer #3

in california you need to fill out the correct form, take eye test, then written test, only after passing written test can you take the driving test. veh must have sufficient insurance on it and valid registration to be able to take driving test in veh.after showing instructor you can parallel park and drive veh in safe manner obeying all california laws. only after passing, get finger printed and taking picture you will be issued a temporary drivers lic, your card lic. will be delivered to you by mail.

Answer #4

There are five basic steps to obtain your North Carolina Drivers License. These steps change a little depending on your age, but we have compiled the necessary steps in our New Drivers Check list. These steps include:

Take Drivers Education Complete your drivers education

Get a Learner Permit Pass your driver permit written test

Get Car Insurance Coverage Get insured to drive

Practice Driving Practice your driving skills

Get a Drivers License Take and pass your drivers license test!


Answer #5

i know right i am in drivers ed right now :D looking to get that permit :D

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