Why would a teenager want to get pregnant?

does anyone else here find it really disturbing that teens on this site… 13-17 want to get pregnant? I am appalled to see that some people are accepting that and answering questions like its nothing. do you not see that its 13 year olds wanting to get pregnant?

Answer #1

I honestly dont know why. And yes I find itbdisturbing but I do believe we should be there to help them out.

Answer #2

What’s so wrong with teen pregnancy? Our society has drilled into us that we don’t have rights until we are eighteen. Excuse me but I can think for myself, and I know I’m more intelligent than most adults in this country. I know what love is, I know how to take care of a baby. I raised TWINS for two years because my cousin was a single parent. I am perfectly capable of raising a child. I grew up in a loving home and have a relationship with God. Do not classify us teenage girls. Women were getting married and having kids in their teens for ages. I love my boyfriend, he loves me, then why is age hinder us from producing a beautiful child. Why does society and the government have the right to tell me I can’t be in love and have a child just because I’m young. Do not push your views on me. Thank you.

Answer #3

The question wasnt about teens “getting” pregnant. She asked why 13-17 yr. olds WANT to get pregnant. There is a BIG difference! And I have to agree with her. Its very disturbing that children WANT to have babies. It stems from lack of parental involvement in that childs life. They are lonely, seeking love, and feel that a baby would give them that.

All of the questions, almost ALL of the answers pertaining to wanting to get pregnant, have negative responses. As for having sex, most of the answers that think its ok, are the very young kids around that same age. The adults usually try and steer them in the opposite direction!

Answer #4

I’m 16teen and married and a bout to have a baby and I think that yuo are just saying that because you just got lucky and have not got pregnent yet and anyone one who thinks they are so goody goody that you have never had sex watever

Answer #5

I’m 14 and dont want a kid till im atleast in my 20’s.

But I read somewhere some teens want kids cause of their hormones or something.

Answer #6

well you cant help everyone… some do it for money some for attention some by accident mostly they just do it because there young and stupid some of them actually do want to become pregnant and be a mother, and feel like there ready to take on that resposibility there are many reasons why young people get pregnant but you cant help everyone

Answer #7

yeah all of those girls are stupid and need to think before they act!

Answer #8

Love kids…I’d say it is a grave mistake unless you can actually provide for the child. If you are broke, your family is broke, then you don’t need to have a child at the moment.

Answer #9

They don’t know the consequences.

Answer #10

I don’t find anything wrong with teens my age wanting to get pregnant. And I also don’t find anything wrong with your opinion. It’s their choice and their body. They all have different stories. The only post their questions for people to HELP them, and give them ADVICE. Not to be put down by older people telling them they are stupid, and they are wrong. A girl I know got pregnant in 7th grade and had her baby girl in 8th grade and is perfectly happy with her choice, and her now almost 2 year old daughter. She’s married and lives with her husband and is perfectly happy.

I don’t think anything is wrong with it.

Answer #11

u know I personally thik its there choice not urs! im 16 and have a lil boy and I couldnt ever imagine life with out him!!

Answer #12

well I mean if your a teen and WANT 2 get prego its not a gud but im prego but it was an accident and 4 all those who say well a baby will ruin our lives thats not true and your jus makin things worst by sayin we cant do it so to me their is a difference for those who get prego on PURPOSE or by ACCIDENT

Answer #13

I gave an answer for those who WANT to get pregnant. But I chose to give a more indepth answer, thats my business, why does it matter?

Answer #14

I am 15 myself and have a 2week old son. What is your problem with Teen Mums? Im not trying 2 blow my own trumpet here but I have a part time job I am finishing my education to get a better life for him. He wasnt planned but would never call him a ‘Mistake’ either. I am going it alone with no family and baby father to help out so if I can cope anyone else can..my friends have been my stars.. I love him and we are coping just fine so there is no reason for any other young girl not to if you try hard enough.

Answer #15

I dont mean to pick a fight. but as a parent.. its very upseting to see there are teens out there trying to get pregnant … and yes maybe it is because they lack love. and perhaps responsiblty… but we as adults need to steer kids away from ruining their lifes.

so if im wrong to say omg why the h**L would you want to get pregnant then shame on me. for not wanting teen pregnancy.

thanks for angelfire who understood the point I was trying to make =)

and yes we need to stand by the teens that get raped and get pregnant, but for some little girl that goes out there to ruin their life …

im sorry but I have no sympathy =(

Answer #16

I think we need to be there for them. Its the best we can do really, its not like we can make them un-pregnant. We want them to make the best choice and they really need someone through their rough times. A lot of stress on their shoulders could cause a lot of harm to the baby, and thats not fair.

If you are appalled about it, then simply don’t click those questions or answer them.But for us that do care and do want to help them, will continue to give them advice.Teens aren’t just going to stop getting pregnant because you don’t like it, so might aswell give them some good advice to help.

How do you figure we answer it like its nothing? I don’t get why you even said that. Everytime I click on a pregnancy question I see lots of advice to cope the user through their hard time. I see people posting links to help, people offering help through FunMail, etc. If I knew a pregnant teen, I’d want them to seek help, I’d want the best for them. And I feel asthough teens can receive that attention here. And if not, theres people on here that offer help hotlines if they ever need it.

For those who are trying to get pregnant, they will seek help here. I was 18-years-old (still am), and wanted to have a child. Then I came on here and received negative comments about it and realized that I was making a stupid decision. I’m living proof that we can help the teens on here wanting to get pregnant. If it hadn’t of been for FunAdvice, I could have been heading down the wrong path. Thank goodness I didn’t end up pregnant, but if I had of, then I know I would have been able to seek help here when needed. Thats one teen pregnancy prevented, lets add to that number.

Teen pregnancy is not against the FunAdvice terms of use, so it looks like your going to have to deal with it. I think the questions are acceptable. We don’t promote teen pregnancy if thats the message your trying to send, we just help those who are because they really, really need it. People make mistakes, everyone does. The best we can do is try, ignoring them isn’t going to help.

Answer #17

im 14 and I might be pregnant but it doesnt mean you get a lack of love or anything it means you just want a baby to hold dress up take care of feed and to love and all the soo yeah. some people have them for a mistake and yh they get abortions but maybe they should use protection instead of getting pregnant and killing it but us we want to get pregnant I only had sex once with my boyfriend and I might be pregnant AND IM PROUD its not just to show off to people either but yh lol I think you get my point bye bye

Miranda :] :)

Answer #18

im 13 and I wonted to have a baby not because im stupid or any thing like that just because I wasnt felling loved I still fell that way some time but now I have somebody that loves me and shows it but for all the girls that fell the way I did (and still do some times) wont to get pregnant so that we can show our love for a nother person the way we to fell

Answer #19

maybe they think it’s a way to keep their guys, like make them stay with them, or just to feel closer to them. Even though most of that isn’t true.

Answer #20

In my opinion. These girls want to get pregnant for 2 reasons. (1) attention and (2) pressure. They see every body else doing it and is feeling left out or the person they are with is pressuring them to do it. Some of these girls are just making mistakes and getting pregnant by accident. They need someone to let them know the pros and cons of having a baby so young. They need someone to talk to them.

Answer #21

In culture these days, the media portrays sex and pregnancy as appealing as to in the old days where it was made to look like a disease. I’m 17 and ttc, because I won’t be able to when I get into my 20s. I have a ovarian cyst that is slowly taking over my right ovary and if I don’t try to conceive now, I won’t be able to have my children. I graduate high school in 96 days, I’m an amazing student, very mature person, my fiance and I will be living together starting December 19th and we are very stable. I have reasons to try to have a baby. These teens who have absolutely nothing medically wrong with them are just brainwashed by the media. Take Juno for example. It is one of my alltime favorite movies, but it is glamorizing teen pregnancy. They don’t know what they are doing is wrong. It’s a new generation and I feel a spike of teen pregnanices coming on. Maybe someone should try to contact the media about stopping the glamorization of teen pregnancy.
~Andrea Scott~

Answer #22

a lot of times, teens who don’t feel loved want a child, because they know that they loved their parents when they were younger, and they want someone to love them unconditionally like that. a lot of times, teens who feel helpless want to be able to help some. If you have no sympathy for them, fine, but I don’t think you should be making them feel bad about it either. They can’t help how they feel. If you don’t like it, don’t read it, don’t comment on it, just leave it alone. Teenagers have problems that adults don’t always see.

Answer #23

ok heres my story and view on teen preg I come from a broken home w/ a couple of diff. step dads that took advantage of me and robbed me of my innocence at a very young age I was hurt confused and couldnt understand why I became sexually active at 12 but before that I would do other things like show my breast for attention from boys I was very pretty and well developed and no one not even my own mother taught me about self respect in turn I became very promiscuous and drank and used drugs with of course older group I got preg at 13 had my beautiful daughter at 14 when I was preg it was mentined to me to abort or adopt out I said absolutely not she is now 16 a beautiful girl that I have taught her what it is to have self worth in yourself she changed my life forever I would not have done it differently but let me say it is soo hard and you r judged more than you can imagine my advice you have your whole life ahead of you to have kids be a kid urself first no one or nothing can bring you happiness it comes from within myndaughterbis 16 I cant imagine her being a mother at her age …for those of you that are preg finish school work hard and do for your child what maybe needed to be done for you its not a game and you cant just say I want it one day and not the next its for keeps .life is what you make of it take care…

Answer #24

It’s not always there fault, some of them have been raped and others are accidents. It’s their life, not your so you shouldn’t worry about it. People are giving them ADVICE because this site is called FUN ADVICE.. and their asking because they need help. Some people are nice enough to actually do that without being mean about it.

Answer #25

I believe that there are some teens who are ready for a baby, then of course..there’s the ones who ONLY THINK they are ready. My friend is preg. she just turned 18. WE DONT KNOW WHO THE FATHER IS! This girl has been a trouble maker from birth! I mean, In and out of jail , doing drugs, drinking almost everyday, sleeping around with older men. its obvious that she dosnt really care for her self. I tried to convince her out of keeping it, becus she was only 2 weeks at the time. and for some stupid reason, shes keeping it. she lives at home, no job, cant keep a job for more then a month… she’s convinced she will be mother of the year. but still dosnt know who the daddy is. I know a few teens who had a baby. including this one girl, she’s turning 19, and just had her 2nd. she’s been with her man for at least 3 years, they both have good jobs, and they have their own place. the baby is living life good! All I can say is, im 18, AND I KNOW! that I would never have a baby yet. I know im ready, but I wouldnt mind waiting till im atleast 20!! But it is different for everyone…some are ready, some are not.

Answer #26

why do you care? just let them do whatever they want to do, some of them just want a baby, and so they get pregnant, I’m a teenager, and I don’t want to get pregnant, yes I LOVE babies, but I would like to raise my kid the right way, and prepare him/her for life, etc. and I don’t think I can do that when I’M still growing, and I’m still changing from time to time, and if I have a baby at this age,I will not be able to do a lotta things I love to do! I won’t be able to even draw!! so, it’s better for me to wait until I finish college, university, get a job, get married then have my cute baby! lol and I already have a baby (my hamster) ;) she’s so cute just like her mummy just kiddin, lol

Answer #27

This is real distrbing…look im a teen and im not even thinkin bout gettin prgenat…and 4 the 1s that say it wont ruin your life…well I have watched it happen 2 many diffrent teens…I’ve even lost a family meber cause she wanted 2 get pregnant and when she did her body organs messed up and it almost killed her and now she has trouble speaking…and a lot of the friends I have…have lost a lot cause they got pregnant and almost every guy I have talked 2 said that they dont even want 2 date a girl thats pregnant and think..im a teen that isnt even thinkin bout gettin pregnant til im outa collage!

Answer #28

Some teens do whant to because they eather need the money, The food from wic, or they want to rebel to their parents. Im a teenager, & don’t want to be pregnat at this age.

Answer #29

im almost 18 and I’ve been wanting a baby since I first touched one. I played with baby dolls untill I was almost 14!!! I still have them in my room..I will admit I want a baby. More than anything in this world. Im moving out and ready to start my life. I have school figured out for the next 4 years. We both have jobs…hes 19 and wnats it ust as bad as I do. I feel im ready.

not to be rude,

but its not because my parents dont love me, im an only child and my mom and I are so close. Shes has supported in the past and put me first in everything she has ever done. Shes an amazing mom. so I dont belive that.

Answer #30

there aint nutting wrong I fell preg at 16 and had my lil girl at 17 and I wouldnt change her for the world there is nothing wrong with us teen parents longs we are able to cope and provide

Answer #31

your rite you cant help everyone but to help them help themselfs its really important to give them the facts instead of fluffing it up and making it sound as though its OK and its your choice, its not ok. its great that people can ask qu and get an answer but it would also help them by letting them now whats rite and whats wrong, this is not just a moral stance this is the Law.. any question in thinking the law is wrong feel free to write to your local goverment to the leagle age amended. etc.. I somehow dont think they will…

Answer #32

I don’t understand it either… I’m 22 and pretty much all my friends from highschool have had a baby or two… and at 22 I STILL don’t understand why anyone would want a baby. I’m not having one for like another 5 years… thank you birth control.

I think now it’s a matter of wanting love, affection, a “purpose” and attention.

As far as people accepting teens wanting to have babies I don’t understand.

But for people accepting teens wanting to have sex I do understand. If they are going to have sex… they’ll have sex no matter what you say so it’s best to educate them to the best of your ability.

Ignoring sexuality in teens is what leads to unwanted pregnancies and abortions.

xox Sika

Answer #33

im sorry… get a baby doll…

if you want a baby so bad babysit one for a week…

I know a lot of schools do the home ec thing where the teachers give the kids a baby for the week and see if it survives. for some odd reason… most of the babys dont survive.

I dont mean to be rude. it just upsets me to see you young girls with sooo much to offer. im sorry that you think you have to get pregnant to better your self. maybe go to school. get a job. that would make sence cause you are goin to need one of those .. or two.. to pay for diapers. and formula… and wipes… and food. … and crib… and clothes… and doctors visits… shots… shoes… not to mention diaper rash cream. medicine… baby wash… a home to put the baby in. you need food for your self… prenadle visits… prenatale pills… clothes when your body gets fat. then if you have complications… er visits and tons of dr visits.. like I had… then when your baby is born.. you might have a baby that is sick .. cause most teen mothers smoke.. or maybe it is just sickly… then its in neo natal units in a hospital that is citys away … like my baby.. and you have to stay there for monthes … and that costs money…

do you have that kind of money… cause if you dont then …

you also need time… you have to get up in the middle of the night… sometimes three or four times a night with a crying baby… that is hungry all the time… needs diapers changed… and you need to make bottles… then … you have tons of laundry to do .. cause they puke on you all the time… and tons of diapers to change… you will be devoting every waking hour you have to that baby…

oh did I mention you have to get a job tooo…

oh yeah… for money…

so friends … where do they fit in

they dont… you are a full time mother… and a full time worker … to support that little one. yeah you love it … you will do anything you can for it. but do you remember when you had a life… you went out.. you had friends … all those friends.. they dont have babys. so where does that leave you . all alone with a crying puking baby. on a saturday night while all your old friends are out at the mall or in your case haveing sleep overs still.

you really think a baby is invited to a sleep over hahahahahaha.

let me tell anyone that wants to have a baby at your age… its sooo DUMB. you sound like a kid… and you need to grow up.

im sure your friend is a very good mother… but please if you are planning on having a baby… sit her down and really get the goods on what is involved…

denise mother of three

Answer #34

A lot of young girls my age want to get pregnant because they feel alone or unloved. Some, just want a baby.

Rude comments like, “OMG That’s so stupid! Why would you ruin your life like that? You’re DUMB!” Aren’t going to help. It makes the girl feel even more unloved. Making her want the baby more.

As much as we don’t want teens to get pregnant, we can’t stop. Girls my age will get pregnant or want babies. We may not be able to stop it but at least we can try, right? If we can stop 3 girls from getting pregnant, we’ve accomplished something. There are so many girls out there that we can’t help them all.

People don’t anser the questions like it’s nothing. They take it very seriously and try to offer help. If people were to stop answering these questions, what do you think would become of these girls? They’d have the baby and possibly ruin their lives.

Also, having a baby at a young age doesn’t always ruin lives. I have a friend who had a baby at 16, she’s still in school and lives a normal life. She’s still able to go out with friends, and do normal teenager stuff. Sure, it probably helps that her parents are willing to help. But Aiden is a very happy baby, and my friend is a good mom.

Answer #35

because most think it’s like playing house.It’s just a game and an immature mistake they’ll realize as an adult. They might not regret the child. some say they want to know what it feels like bringing a piece of life unto the earth. some say they want to see their great grand, and some say they don’t want to be an old beard gut parent. It’s best to wait because most of them are little more prepared to have a child as a toddler

Answer #36

Hi im 18 and a realy want a baby but I know myself that if I did have a baby I am mentaly mature enuff to hadle it im a qualifyed nursery nurse but comon I now I want 1 but I would be chucking mylife and maybe even a babys life away so how can theees kid know that they want a baby its pozotivly insain its nt them that are left to pic up the pieces its the mother or father ov the new mum or even worse social servises comon kids think before its to late

Answer #37

Im sixteen and I want a child too. Now I’m with both sides. I see nothing wrong with have child at a younge age even if it is to get out of the hell house of your parents but yeah you do need to be finacially stable to be able to provide for the baby and urself no to mention the father..and he should also try to help you too…its both of yaws child and its BOTH of your responibility…now look both ways each have good reasoning. no it may not ruin your life but it can change it dramaticlly but it doesn’t ALWAYs have to be bad…

Answer #38

honestly, noones answers wrong. everyone has there own opinon on the situation. The way it works usually when it comes to it being an ‘accident’ its usually the people that are either the most careful and screwed up once or its the people that know they can’t handle one and choose to make stupid descions. The ones that usually end up fine which gets me mad is the people that want one and it won’t happen. I’m 17 and honestly I don’t want a kid, thats my worst fear because I know for a fact I’d be screwed basically, I mean me and my mom have an open relationship but still. that’s really hard to deal wtih and its like kind of embarassing to her you know.. Usually the teenagers realize they dont want the baby anymore when it’s too late. I wonder about girls sometimes at young ages but honestly I’m not going to put anyone down because I’ve seen girls my age & younger raise a kid and grow up with a really good life.

Answer #39

Well didnt this hit a sore point.. We seem tobe missing the point.. its agains the law to have under age sex, regarless of what part of the world we are in and face prosicution and or inprisonment with a possible removal of the baby. your boyfriend will have a criminal record for the rest of his life, surely this should be part of the advice when girls as yong as 13+ rite on hear, I want a baby, also for a female tobecome pregnant at such an early age risks damage to her still growing body, to give birth at a yong age she will risk tearing so bad that it is difficult to repair and could course further problems in life, she maynot be able to have more children later on. I understand that there are pregnacy amongst this age group and no one is saying toss them aside, these girls need all the support they can get and will get, but for those posting qu, I want a baby, needs all the incouragement to STOP them, so give them the correct advise and inform them of the law will you… if a child of 13 wants to cross a road with oncoming traffic, you would stop them.. this stuff about, give them choices, I dont think so.. these are children.. treat them as such and be a responsibl parent. and be responcibe in your advice..

Answer #40

it depends on level of maturity,k capability, and all. if ones ready then they will most likely want one. I am 15 and I’m pregnant, yes my parents got mad at first when they found out I was pregnant, but theyre retired now…it can happen, and I’m very smart in school , good grades and all, nothings changing, just the fact the I’ll give birth to a child, and hey look someone extra to take care of :) I love children, babies! I’ve lost many brothers and sisters, miscarriages, my mother had plenty of them so her having a grandchild is something sacred you see… For most this could be odd, but if you have parents who are willing to help you out and you yourself, put all your will to it, to help your child out, and still have a good future/career then great!

If there are people who get annoyed by this or the fact that this angers them, why care? It is not you who is having a baby, why would it matter to you? THERE is a BIG difference when there are those teens who can manage to have a baby and those who apperently suck at it, and thus its choatic…though that is also one thing people misinterprete..

some teen couples decide to get pregnant for the best..outcome…and that could go to as an answer/cure to pull family in…you know to make everyone come together…its not that hard to understand…but what can I say everyone goes through and sees different situations, it all just depends on what your point of view is…

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