Do you think a teen's provocative photo should have been banned from the school yearbook?

An 18-year-old student is appealing a decision made by yearbook staff not to include her picture in the yearbook … do you think this is discriminatory, or do you stand behind the decision made?

Personally, I think that, if it isn’t acceptable in class, it isn’t acceptable in a yearbook.

Watch the video:

Answer #1

Seems to me that the student should be able to have the photo she feels best represents her personality and interests. The most telling thing in the article was when a student on the yearbook staff said, “We didn’t want this picture to make our publication seem unprofessional and inappropriate.” Guess what, the yearbook represents all students; not just the yearbook committee. I fear for a society that requires everyone to adhere to the lowest common denominator of what is considered acceptable.

Answer #2

. Well, according to the video, it wasn’t exactly “banned”. They let her pay to have it published in the Advertisement section of the Yearbook, and that is what she has done. .

Answer #3

I was hoping for a little boob and bum and got nothing.

Honest i started to watch it hoping to see something nasty. I mean it’s not exactly wanking material is it.

Provocative my arse.

Answer #4

In some ways I agree with filletofspam but I think she could have picked a photo that didn’t have as much skin showing since families will be looking at the photos… Either way, if the photo was printed, there would have been issues with students and parents, but if it wasn’t it would have still been an issue obviously. (damned if you do, damned if you don’t). It’s funny because here in Hawaii we were able to submit photos of us in our bikinis and it isn’t seen as provocative or inappropriate, just as long as we aren’t posing in that sort of way I guess. It’s really a subjective matter and it depends on where you are in the world……

Answer #5

HECK YESSSSS..its school not a skany Photoshoot for models.. i am glad those guys stood up to this grl..beyond disgusting its not even a shaw she’s wearing looks like she rapped it around her cleavage…

Answer #6

i have to disagree with u.. ur talking about high school girls still at that stage where they feel the more the body parts are exposed the more attractive they get . I agree with the year book editors they not only made a huge point but in a rational, professional way.

Answer #7

If you ask my opinion, seems like there could have been a touch of jealousy from the girls who made the decision. The girl is pretty and it didn’t seem distasteful. I think things like this should be judged on a case-to-case basis, and this looks okay to me.

Answer #8

with all due respect…jealous, u serious these are mature grls ..i mean did u hear the blonde “interest like those who ride horses..that wasn’t appropriate interest she choose.. i mean the posing made it even worse..shheez this is a high school year book not some modeling photo shoots..and if i were an editor i would have done the same thing not because i am jealous but because it wasn’t appropriate !

Answer #9

I’m a little mixed on the decision they made. If they didn’t feel the photo was appropriate for the year book, then they probably shouldn’t have allowed her to put it in at all. The fact that they allowed her to purchase the space in the back of the book to post the picture they claimed was “inappropriate” makes it seem like they have crazy standards that apply on such issues. They made it seem like for a certain price, anything is a ‘go’.

In any case, when it comes to the photo, I don’t feel like it was appropriate for the year book. This is, after all, a high school book.

I think it’s great that she wanted to express herself, but there are many ways to do that without being half naked. That photo in no way is comparable to person who is appropriately covered up with a horse or guitar, lol.

Answer #10

thank god someone is agreeing with not literally but i see what u mean. the reason they let her advertise was because all the commotion, the whole controversy.. she had protesters along with her parents protest..they decided she can advertise at the back of the book or honestly they didn’t want it at all when those grls had an interview they said they let her do another submission but there was no difference in posing and clothing..the argument went to an extent.. they got what they want but honestly if i was in those editors shoes i would give up at some point its ridiculous the news going viral, protesters… i would let her advertise at the back if it will shut her and her posy

Answer #11

My opinion.

Answer #12

I think it’s discriminatory. I don’t think it should have been banned. It’s not even too revealing. She’s not posed slutty or skanky.

Answer #13

not to revealing? our SOCIETY IS LOOSING ITo.O

Answer #14

Well, it’s my opinion. You don’t have to comment on everything you disagree with and cause drama. There’s 3 posts on here that are defending the girl, and you have commented on all three of them, saying you disagree with their opinions lmao. Seriously.

Answer #15

No sh*t, eh?

Answer #16

its a public site, i speak my with it:)

Answer #17

so pretty much what a “beautiful grl does” thats wrong and ppl disagree is because THERE jealous? So lets say this grl cheated and her lady principle suspended her from school do you believe she was jealous??

Answer #18

Saying it’s wrong is a matter of opinion. There is no such thing as right or wrong, and if there was, what a teenage girl chooses to wear, would not be very high on either end of the list. Your example is completely irrelevant.

Answer #19

Bleh, sorry I wasn’t very clear in that. But it really is a matter of opinion in the end. Originally I was just saying that I do think the treatment of the girl was unfair, given the situation.

Answer #20

it was wrong! There is such “wrong and rights.. If u steal, that isn’t wrong? For a yearbook, that’s not the best pic choice. Ok, you’re a model and you want to show that, but I’m sure theres other options like classier pictures that you could have used. It isn’t appropriate. A yearbook is for looking back and remembering your education years not advertising … Another thing, the poses are outrageous for this context! Not to mention, its a photo for a school year book.the pose iis to provocative and inappropriate.. Pretty much all the high schools I know don’t allow students to submit there own photos, the year book staff would use the photos taken by a school photographer who does groups and individuals… Shes a beautiful grl and a beautiful photo but not for a high school year book:)

Answer #21

Yes, and you can speak your mind all you want. I’m not saying you’re not allowed to do that. I’m just saying, it’s so annoying when you have a person who won’t stop b!tching at people for having a different opinion than themself.

Answer #22

In my opinion (look, there’s that word again), there can be a right time to steal, a right time to do anything really, depending on the person’s mindset or personal feelings towards things. Someone’s concepts of right or wrong won’t always follow your own, because you don’t have some universal, “right” way of judging a person’s actions. But that’s kind of a different argument. I still don’t see what’s wrong with the pose, she’s leaning on a wall and everything is appropriately covered, she’s not eagle spread and naked. I don’t find it that bad, that’s all I was saying. The high schools you know don’t let the students submit their own photos, and this one did. Two different stories.

Answer #23

i am b!tching get ur words straight..its called SPEAKING UR MIND..opinions:)

Answer #24

Honestly, I don’t think it should be put in the school year book. Yeah so it might not be “too revealing.” though I plainly disagree, but people get the wrong thought.

Most father’s don’t want perverts drooling to their daughter’s photos. my opinion

And I agree with Colleen, if it isn’t acceptable in class, it isn’t acceptable in a yearbook.

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