How to teach so that no one gets bored in the class?

hello to all, i hope to be fine and doing well, i have question how to teach in way that no gets in the class, i have seen lots of teacher when they teaches the student become bored in the class, there is any way to make the class fun. thanks…

Answer #1

It depends on what age the children are. For younger children you need to start with catching their attention, first of all wear bright cheerful colors, make learning fun, get them to talk, each child learns differently, some by reading, some by seeing and some by actually doing stuff. You have to try to incorporate all this in your teaching methods, to cater for your entire class. You can also reward for good grades, marks this will motivate them to do well, and create new ways to teach. Let them help in the process

Answer #2

Find a unique and fun way to teach the class that way they don’t get bored, and get the class involved hands on, u know wat I mean

Answer #3

Better the education.

Answer #4

I find that if you are teaching teens that the last 5-10 mins after class should just be free time. It makes them like you and I realized when I like the teacher I start learning much easier. Also, try to be that cool teacher. DON’T try to talk like kids unless you are a youngish teacher who kids may think you just came out of college because then it’s alright. Kids hate close to nothing more than when teachers try to much to relate to them like when they make teens listen to rap songs that r educational jes make the kids be like “what…?” Just teach normally and listen to the kid’s opinions and encourage teamwork.

Answer #5

musics always the best way to go creat a rap or song that helps explain what you are trying to teach a catchy one too not just something where they will be like”what the heck” something that they would like figure out what type of music most of them listen to

Answer #6

As I expected when I read these answers, everyone thought kids getting bored in class had something to do with how fun the class is. That is only half the battle, however.

Look at the area around you. What kind of people are you surrounded by? What is the city/town like? If you’re in a large city with high crime rates for example, that’s what the kids are going to be exposed to. So being exposed around say that, and a teacher trying to teach something like, say the discovery of the North American continent, the kids are going to get bored. They don’t care/get bored. Why? It doesn’t relate to their day to day outside of school activities and influences. Same thing in the country schools too; a teacher is teaching a kid about how say Lowell Massachusetts developed industrially, and they don’t care/get bored because it doesn’t relate to them; they’re in the country.

All this said, I would highly reccomend that if you’re trying to teach kids something like history for example, teach it and then relate it to something going on in the state or town in which the class is in. They’ll better understand it and are then less likely to get bored.

Also, to make the class fun, like say its Math for example, little candy rewards for getting a math problem on the board right could be awarded. As my 5/6 grade teachers said, “It’s amazing what students will do for a gummy worm”.

Answer #7

It is called quantum teaching here combined with teaching learning revolition where teachers do not see the students as The part that need the teacher. Teachers are orchestra leader who must be smart enough in delivering the message to the students that the whole class in a team and the target (which is mastering a subject) will be achieved only when everyone is involved. Every student holds one music instrument, meaning everyone is important. It is not being strict that will make the students pay attention. When they lose interest meaning you are not interesting. :D

Answer #8

As a former educator I’ll chime in. Most teachers do not understand how short the human attention span is. An hour of concentration is terribly taxing for adults let alone children. When I taught I alternated between short (10 min or so) intense lecture then I’d set down the chalk or cap my whiteboard marker and informally discuss the information and concepts I just covered encouraging student interaction. This was the technique that worked best for me anyway.

Answer #9

be friendly in the class BUT FOR A TIME, and try to teach your students with your smiling face

Answer #10

It’s important to realize that your students’ feelings and attitudes about being there (boredom, resistance, etc.) are not a distraction from the “real” subjects they are supposed to be learning, like math or history. Rather, learning how to relate to authority, get along with each other, work as a team, control their behavior, etc. are all parts of the realest and most important subject they are learning: How to grow up and become a caring and responsible person. If the teachers and the curriculum don’t address that, they are failing their students no matter how high the test scores are.

Answer #11

Bring food

Answer #12

Bring food

Answer #13

thanks from u comments but i did not catch u

Answer #14

thanks, if u were a teacher then what would u do?

Answer #15

you have to make learning fun for the kids! kids will get bored easily if the teacher goes on and on and on, and doesn’t make any jokes or anything. I enjoy class much more when the teachers let us do more hands on activities rather than visually seeing it. And it helps me understand alot more, especially in math. I also enjoy working in pairs or groups, especially if we get to pick our partners! so put them in groups as much as possible. They also concentrate more when listening to music. My teacher puts on music, and it makes the class quiet, and we all work. Also, if the kids are working really well, reward them. For younger ones, they might enjoy some candy, or treat, and older ones might enjoy getting a five minute break to visit with others. Rewarding students who do good on assignments, and tests will also encourage them to work hard

Answer #16

I would do exactly what I said to you, I’m a student my self and I know which kind of teachers we like mostly.

Answer #17

Yes, he’s right. Become stricter after you get to know the kids. BUT don’t act like a pushover because then the kids will never take you seriously. They don’t think you have enough game to get mad.

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