Tattoo's under the age of 16?

I want a tattoo of stars on my wrist, but im only 13.. Can I get a tattoo at the age of 13 with parents permission?

Answer #1

Please just wait till you’re 18. Take it from me: you change a lot between 13, 14, 15 and 18…

Answer #2

hi I live in wales and found out yesturday that my son had a tattoo done 3days was a small one on his chest in memory of my mum who he was very close to…needless to say he is only 15yrs old and he used a fake id to get it done…I rang the owners of the shop and they told me that they and I could get done for child abuse I myself knew nothing about it…and am not happy with the tattooist my son doesnt look 18yrs old so why they accepted the id I dont know…he goes back to school in a few days what will they say? I understand the meanin behind the tattoo but he still should av waited till he was 18 and was sure, our children are growing up to quick these days they need to be kids for as long as they can

Answer #3

I am 15 and I have a tattoo in between my shoulder blades of a rebel flag and on the top it says country by the grace of God and on the bottom is says the south wil rise again. There is no racial thing to do about it.

Answer #4

I don’t understand why a teen would get a tattoo - what parents would consent to that?

Also, as an adult, you’re going to look stupid with a tattoo.

Answer #5

NO, its illegal anyplace that tattooos a 13 year old child is illegally operating they can get a huge fine, go to jail and loos there license plus you can get in trouble, get kicked out of school, and be debied a job that doesnt like tattoos 16 is also illegal, some places do it though, but its still not legal 18 is the age when your legally allowed to get one and its not only because your body is still growing its because your a kid, and a kid doesnt know what they really want untill there older which is why now lots of kids and adaults have stupid tattoos they regret and hate either because they got them done when they were a kid, or because they though it was “cool” do yourself a favour, wait a few years to decide what you really want then get it done legally when your 18 years of age and will appreciate it more and a tatto is not an accessory or a fashion statement its on you for life and it will sag and fade as you age

Answer #6

no not in my opinion im 15 but when I turn 16 im going to go get mine… I designed it myself…stars…I dont think soo

Answer #7

Honestly 13 is too old. You have so much more growing to do.. the last thing you want is to get a tattoo that in 3 years will look stretched out. When you get a tattoo you have to live with it for you whole life so if I were you I would wait believe me it will pay off to wait and get it done. Im 15 and just got my first one. but the doctor said I wasnt ganna grow anymore so as long as I maintain my weight then it wont stretch.

Answer #8

13? dude im 14 rite now and I want a tat, but I noe that stars is what EVERY OTHR GIRL HAS, they all think its cute and kool,…so just wait until you see sumthing that you for sure noe you like and that you think is unique

Answer #9

People may get the same tattoos, but the might mean something different to each person. I plan on getting LOVE on one wrist and HOPE on the other when I’m old enough. It’s been done A TON. But it has meaning to me, so I don’t care how many other people get it done. Maybe the stars mean something to her. So don’t tell her to think of smething else, she probably doesn’t want something else.

Answer #10

I’m pretty sure you can’t legally get a tattoo until you’re 14 or 15, even with parental consent everywhere in the US.

Unfortunately, you live in California (if what your profile says is correct) where you can’t get a tattoo as a minor, even with parental consent. That means you have to wait until you’re 18.

“Tattooing-Establishes that it is a misdemeanor for any person to tattoo or offer to tattoo anyone under age 18.”

BUT… if you want to get a piercing, you can do that with parental consent.

Answer #11

Ok ,, people are all basing this on where they live . . So just google it and find out about where your living … If stars is what you really want get it but yeahh I’d do something more original . . It might seem cool now but believe me you’d regret it ,, do some sort of quiz or survey on yourself and look back at it in a year and you’ll just be like ‘oh my god I’m such a loser’ ,, that’s what will happen ,, when your this age you change your mind a lot ! . . If you go to like India or Thailand they’ll do it at any age . . x

Answer #12

One of the reasons why people that young aren’t permitted to get tattoos is that they aren’t finished growing.

If you get a tattoo at 13, plan on it stretching out and looking stupid by the time you’re 16.

Answer #13

Yeah… I wouldn’t get a tatoo until you are 16. You think its cool now but in 13 years are you still gonna want those stars on your wrist? Also heres another thought. a lot of people think girls in middle school and high school with tatoos are sex toys… So think about your social and personal life before that tatoo.

Answer #14

yeah in certain tatto parlors … are you really sure yuo want that tatto tho its not very original but if its what you want I know lots of people with it doone and it looks great soo good luck

Answer #15

Stars? Give yourself a few more years to think of something more original. That’s one of the things I don’t get these days, kids want to stand out and ‘be different’, so they go out and get a tattoo, yet they all get the same thing tattooed on themselves and even in the same places. Be it those stupid stars, chinese symbols or swallows. It’s like ‘oh I don’t want to fit in with society so I’ll get a tattoo but I have to make sure it’s the same tattoos as everyone else so I fit in’.

These days it’s different NOT to get tattoos, trust me.

Answer #16

First of all, some places will do it at 16. And it is legal. Depends on the state. My friend got one at 16 in Florida. Another got one at 16 in Massachusettes.

Second, tattoos aren’t on you for life. They can be removed. It’s just really expensive.

Answer #17

“Also, as an adult, you’re going to look stupid with a tattoo”

LOL, now that isn’t narrowminded at all! That had me laughing. Anyway…

I own a tattoo shop in Cali, and yes, it is ILLEGAL to tattoo anyone under the age of 18, end of story. It is considered child abuse and both the artist/shop and the parents can get into trouble for it.

Answer #18

you can;t legally get a tattoo in England until you are 18. Even with parents permission. Is countries like Spain tho there isn’t actually an age limit.

Answer #19

There are 3 jurisdictions in the USA that DO NOT have any laws for minimum age for a tattoo. Those places are North Dakota, New Mexico, and Washington, DC. You just have to find a tattoo artist/parlor in one of those 3 places that is willing to tattoo a 13 year old.


Answer #20

yeah you can. it got mine when I was 16.. but make sure you know what you want because I got a big tattoo on my back & its hot & everything but I don’t know I just don’t like it as much anymore,

Answer #21

As a parent, I would never allow my child to get a tattoo under the age of 16. However, I have a 17 year old son who recently asked me if he could get a tattoo…if it were legal; which it is not in California, I believe I would let him get it for the one reason that it is a memory tattoo for his father who has passed. I really don’t think he will regret that. I explained to him that it has to be in a place where he can work and it will not show. Also, in a place where it is not likely to become distorted with weight gain, etc… I was thinking about one on his shoulder blade or on his chest. I also told him it had to be tasteful. No cartoons, no crazy writing, etc… But anything other than the memory tattoo or under the age of 18 I would say NO. Kids think they won’t change their mind, but you absolutely WILL. No doubt about it.

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