How do you make a homemade tattoo gun?

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Why on earth try and sharpen a guitar string to make a (ragged) point when you can buy a needle at any supermarket?

Amateur tattoo gun -> amateurish tattoo

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mik3y4fngrs... lol odd name... neways ALSOmake sure theres not a vein where ur puttin the needle u can get ink poisinig from and ink pen but i put heart on my leg with a needle and an ink pen it works but u have to be able to take pain lol

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Don't get any tattoos until you're full-grown. As you grow, they pull out of shape, like writing on a balloon.

Don't get any tattoos until you've decided you want a particular image on your body for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. The tattoo you think is just da bomb today may look really lame in a few years. Tattoos can be removed, but it's not easy, it's not cheap, and it's not always successful.

Bands and film stars go in and out of fashion. You'd look really stupid if you had ABBA tattooed on your arm when you're 60, wouldn't you? Styles of tattooing go in and out of fashion too. Celtic or gothic may be really old-fashioned in 10 years from now.

Don't get a tattoo to make yourself look "more manly". It won't.

Don't get a tattoo anywhere that shows in summer clothing. Banks and other "respectable" places won't employ people with visible tattoos - especially if you're dealing with the public.

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Yeah, I don't agree with the guitar string method. In the event that the guitar string should break, which happens frequently, the string will go shooting off and bury itself in whatever it happens to be pointing to at the time. Not very safe, if you ask me. I did my tattoos by hand, and yeah, it does take forever to do, and others might not think it looks so great, but I'm the kind of person who really doesn't care what other people think.

Just a word of advice, though, giving yourself a tattoo without a license is fine, if you're sure it's what you really want to do. Never give someone else a tattoo unless you are a licensed tattoo artist. I've done it, and they've been satisfied with the results, but it isn't worth the risk of getting in trouble with the law.

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the guitar string IS actually more effective than a sewing needle bc tattoo needles are much smaller than sewing needles ..and also have to give a little from what I understand ... something about the target depth youre going for ... kinda like a torque wrench as tattoos are somewhere in the 2nd-3rd "layer" of skin... you should be able to get the right ink (typically Indian Ink) at any hobby store unless you really feel the need to order some but the ink is kinda expensive... or I guess you could use a pen ... theres also ways to make it involving styrofoam and such but I dont know how much I recommend this ..

a "prison " tattoo generally has a very distinct look(I happen to like it) but its definately not your typical flash art look in some shop ...
I would suggest really thinking about what youre doing and how much you really want it.

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You need:
Crest spinbrushpro
Mechanical pencil
11 gadge guitar string
hook screw

Instructions: Take the toothbrush head off of the toothbrush.

Take the mechanical pencil apart keeping the head and eraser..

Cut the eraser in half, with a razor blade.

Cut the guitar string 2 to 3 inches long.

And take some pliers, and make either side at a 90degree angle.

Take the screw and screw a hole threw the eraser, remember to cut it in half.

Take the string and put it threw the hole..

and now lube the inside of the toothbrush, put the eraser in the toothbrush, and make sure you have no problems..

Now, take the top of the mechanical pencil, and slide the string threw the hole..

And ductape it into place..

Last step.. Cut the string, "with wire cutters" to make a point...

And finally you have a tattoo gun..

I also have the perfect ink...

If you need me hit me up...

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easy just make a tattoo gun...DUH

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you don't..

just dont get one

they never come off, you will regret it, and ew. you r going to hate it when you get older..and some people dont get hired for jobs b/c they have tattoo's.

and..EW..I mean I love how they look, so im just using fake ones..


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African natives as well as other primative people put a nail through a stick and "Tap" the the dye into a wound made by the nail ... I would suggest first using a black marker pen to draw on your tattoo and wear your tattoo for a while to be sure you want it to be permenently tapped into your body!


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A cowrker of mine bout the real deal with plentie of stuff to go withe it off of ebay for 20 dollars 2 days ago

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you dont. order it off line. you can use a soing needle and ink, and I dont mean pen ink.

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typically there are two ways: one uses a relay, wired to break it's own coil circuit upon clusing, so it "buzzes" constantly closing and opening, the other way uses a small electric motor, like out of a toy car, and the shaft of the motor has an eccentric on it like a cam. a loop of guitar string (steel) rides on the cam, is guided inside an empty ink pen
tube, fastened to a toothbrush handle, and goes up and down as the motor turns.
Before attempting anything like this be aware that tatoo shops use clean sterilized tools, and take extreme precautions not to infect their clients. while you CAN do this at home, it is not advisable, as serious infection can result, enev with clean equipment, you may be allergic to something in the tattoo ink.

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You may make one, but you really shouldn't use it. May as well buy an actual tattoo gun, a good one. But, if your intended purpose is to use it out of your basement/garage/living room, check with the laws in your state/county/town before you do. Illegal tattooing leads to jail time. Lots of jail time. Of course, I live in Minnesota where illegal tattooing is very bad, so it may be quite different for where you live. If you do use it, you must be a certified tattoo artist, unless no one finds out, then you're good to go.

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The VERY basic way of making your own tattoo "gun" is to take a needle, heating it up to sterilize it, dipping it into pen ink, or what have you, and poking it into your skin. It takes mad long to do and looks rather sloppy (you're better off having a professional do it). Make sure you wash the area of your skin where you'd want to inject the ink, first.

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