How do i explain to a customer representative that i want to decrease my bill?

when talking to customer services what to say for them to decrease my bill..i want a discount because i am paying to much?

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You tell them what you're being overcharged for.

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they know i am being overcharged i told them so many times but my friend gets great deals, discounts..i don't for some reason i want to convince them to give me a discount ?

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She probably got in on a deal when they were offering one or something. You could ask them if there are any that they have at the moment, but you can't just call them when you're paying normal price and expect them to charge you less because you're feeling like you're paying too much.

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i honestly don't think i am paying normal price because its not only my friend but my neighbor as well.. i will call and see what they are offering the moment .. geez i am paying way to much my phone 100..electricity bill 200 and tv 125 O.O my friends pay around 20 for home phone 40 for tv..112 for electricity?

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Tell them that you have been a loyal customer and usually you can get cheaper price else where.

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Easy. Ask them when your contract is due to expire. They will ask you why. This will give you the opportunity to tell them, "I have seen other company who charge customers less then what I am on and I wanted to know when my contract is finishing so I can move to another company that is going to give me a discount. I would prefer continuing using your company as I am happy with you up til now. If you can offer me a discount I would rather stay with your company".

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your being charged more for your electric because your using more serious look at you bill a little better there is a spot that says kilowatts used get your number and a friends and if he used more than you are right but i doubt it. as for your phone and cable i would say your companies are different or you have a different plan or package than him. it's fairly easy to understand as with cable when people sign up they at time give great deals that last for like a year or 6 month then they stop maybe your friend signed up while being offered a great deal which sadly you'll never be able to get

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