how to swim underwater?

do you have to swim with ear plugs and noise plugs water wont go in your ears and noise? what about in the eyes can a person see under water with out goggles

Answer #1

kick your feet up and down vertically and move your hands and arms horizontally. That’s the best way I can discribe it.

Answer #2

If you have plug for your ear and nose water won’t go in. Most people don’t need them, though. And you could see underwater without goggles, but a heavily-chlorinated pool will cause some serious irritation to your eyes.

Answer #3

Oh yeah, I forgot to answer the swimming part lol. Do you know how to do a breast stroke? You just put your arms in front of you with your hands facing outward and push your arms to the side. Just kick your feet and you’re good to go!

Answer #4

I’ve never heard of ear plugs or nose plugs for swimming. Unless you breathe in through your nose, the water won’t go up. And your ears are equipped to deal with water. You can swim underwater without goggles, but after a while your eyes might start to burn (this is true in the ocean as well as in chlorinated pools). As long as you’re not down there for long periods of time, you should be fine. And you swim the same way as you do with your head above water. Although I think the breaststroke is easier if you’re underwater.

Answer #5

Take a deep breath at the side of the pool, dive in head first as if starting a swimming race with a “racing dive”. Glide underwater with whole body straight with arms pointing straight forwards infront of (above) the head and toes pointing backwards. As your body speed drops to about surface breast stroke speed, maintain that speed using a breast stroke like action arm stroke first, pause then leg stroke, moving the arms forward during the leg stroke.

Using this technique I have swum almost 100 metres completely underwater without any breathing or swimming aids.

– Best wishes - Majikthise.

Answer #6

I find swimming breast-stroke underwater makes it easier to get around without tiring yourself out…If you are doing reef exploring, invest in a pair of flippers and snorkel this aids your breathing and keep you below the water longer…..If it is the first time swimming under water try it in a swimming pool first to built your confidence.

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