Survival walk to michigan

Okeyy im planning to walk from north carolina to michigan to see my friend…

Completely by foot… No car riding…

Any clue on what supplys I should bring with me?

Answer #1

^ but despite all these warnings if you SIMPLY MUST endanger your life and do this I at least want to pass on some things to bring that will help you and possibly save your life because if I dont tell you, I dont think anyone else will and your more likley to die if you dont know what your doing now be aware that your going to walk a distance of around 588 MILES and be aware that the average person can only walk about 3 miles an hour,and this will be less for you so you will be walking for quite a few months which is why I suggest you not be an idiot and wait untill you can drive/fly there, or get a plain ticket use buses as will, or just take a bus there and it would also be better if your bring a pushbike with you youll get there much faster too it would also be a good idea to research beforehand on the internet the places you can go or stay at along the way

and also try to research and learn about the different types of plants in the areas your going and if they or there fruit is edible

what to bring…

your PHONE if you do not a have a phone or some way of communicating to people while your gone its pretty much going to be a suicide trip never leave without some way of being able to commuicate to people and even then, if its going to take months of walking the battery will die so think about that and research some ways to make a diy phone charger with alominum foil and a few other things

a MAP or some kind of gps, you need to know were you are and were you need to be going, a compass

sleeping bag a very durable backpack a water bottle or two filled with water…which you can re-fill money for things like payphones, food, water,accomodation if you find it

food it would be best to buy actual survival food packs that last for about 10 days but there expensive dont bring cans, there too heavy bring lightweight foods that are full of carbs

a first aid kit… is VERY IMPORTANT with bandaids, a standly knife/hunting knife, bndages and if you can some tea tree oil to help disinfect any cuts or wounds you get, matches/lighter (if not to heat food, or keep warm to help scare away some kinds of animals) and facewipes

clothes bring a jumper, jeans, shorts, two t-shirts, undies, and a few pais of socksbe prepared for all types of weather unless it happnes to come rarely there a belt is good (better if its leather) not just to hold your pants up if you happened to have broken your leg or something it ill will be a good thing to help stop the bleeding, you could aso use it to scare away/whip animals and if your absolutly starving and have no food, eating the leather will provide you with a small amount of nourishment a whistle (scare away animlas, call for help,ect)

look at this site too incase I missed some things


and be aware that you will probable quickly be picked up by the police and taken back home to saftey if they see you

Answer #2

at your age that is an extreemly dangerouse and stupid thing to do so I dont want to tell you your parents would worry to death over were you are thinking something bad happened to you and probably call the police as well as other things like you can be sexually assaulted or raped (yes even boys get raped) you can be murdered, kidnapped do you know how many sick people there are out there who would jump at the opportunity when they see a lone little boy walking to another state what you want to do is EXTREEMLY dangerosue and unsafe at sucha young and inexprienced age you also have a good chance of dying before you get there really THINK before you do

Answer #3

thanks ^^ …but im sorry I left this out… im planning to set out when im 18, after I graduate high school…

Answer #4

lots and lots of water so you dont get dehydrated

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