I want to know about people on funadvice, can you answer?

I want to know about people on funadvice so l made this survey.

Favorite color: midnight black Favorite food: kalimari Favorite drink: diet vanilla cherry dr. Pepper Favorite animal: pig or a llama. Cant decide Favorite band: my band and the jonas brothers ;) Favorite song: you kisssed my best friend (by my band) Favorite actress: selena gomez Favorite actor: nick jonas Crush: nick jonas Favorite candy: almond joys Hometown: st. Charles, illinois Pets: dog, cooper, pekepoo, 1 year old Siblings: 3 younger sisters, 8 days, 8, 4, and one older step brother, 17 Talents: acting, singing, dancing, songwriting, and clarinet and guitar Height: 5’2” Age: 16 Weight: 105 lbs Favorite tv show: forensic files School subject: science Shoe size: 61/2, 7 Vacation spot: california

L have a lot of other questions to ask but this will do for now. Thank you!

Answer #1

Favorite color: pink and black Favorite food: my moms cooking Favorite drink: sobe’s Favorite animal: piggies Favorite band: I don’t know? Favorite song: I don’t know? Favorite actress: I don’t know? Favorite actor: I don’t know? Crush: Andrew Favorite candy: Starburst Hometown: Bristol Connecticut Pets: none Siblings: 2 lil gay bros Talents: violin, skateboarding Height: 4 something Age: 13 Weight: 80 pds Favorite tv show: cartoons… School subject: ??? Shoe size: 7 Vacation spot: hawaii or cali

Answer #2

Favorite color: combination of green and black. Favorite food:pizza shapes or bbq shapes. I love shapes Favorite drink: does alcoholic drinks count? If so then most beers and Jack Daniels. If not, then vanilla coke. Favorite animal: horse and tiger (cat maybe) Favorite band: Black Sabbath Favorite song: Paranoid. also No More Tears. Both by the OZ man Favorite actress: Hell if I know. Favorite actor: Rowan Atkinson. What can I say I love British humour

Crush: None at the moment (which is actually pretty odd) Favorite Candy: Anything minty. Mentos/smints etc Hometown: Christchurch, New Zealand Pets: Used to have 7 goldfish with no names but now none. Sibling: 2 little sisters. talents: Motorcycle riding/stunting/racing/mechanics, Not getting caught, getting fired from jobs, Getting my hands on weed when convenient, and drinking. Yes I have a talent for that I can stuff a sh*tload down the hatch and for my size and weight and age its scary. Height: I have no idea. A little below average adult male height. Age: 18 Weight: 65kg Favorite tv show:Any cartoons. Love cartoons!!! Also watching cops do their thing, and funniest dome videos and world dumbest/stupidest etc. Basically humour. School Subject: I quit school. I did ICT, now I plan on doing motorcycle mechanics at polytech. Shoe size: 11 Yeah I’m bigfoot. Vacation spot: If you mean dream vacation spot, New Caladonia. Common spot includes a park and a few other places.

Answer #3

Favorite color: Clear (I’m a bit strange…) Favorite food: Steak Favorite drink: uhh… I don’t know Favorite animal: Panda Favorite band: There’s too many to write down, but probably Basshunter overall. Favorite song: After Tonight Favorite actress: Drew Barrymore Favorite actor: Uhh… Lets go with Will Ferrel Crush: None, over that. Favorite candy: Reese’s Peices Hometown: Austin baby! Pets: A cat, bird and lizard. Siblings: 4 sisters, 3 brothers. Talents: Sing, flute, holding my breath, uhh… I have others but I can’t remember right now. Height: Almost 5’ 8” Age: 13 Weight: 122, since I last checked. Favorite tv show: The Office, definately. That’s what she said. School subject: Computer Tecnology, and English Shoe size: 9 1/2, 10 Vacation spot: Europe Cruise.

Answer #4

Favorite color: Neon green. Favorite food: Spare ribs! Favorite drink: Fanta. Favorite animal: I love all animals (: but dogs are just so cuuute. Favorite band: Underoath, Aiden, HIM, Enter Shikari and Bring me the horizon. Cant decide. Favorite song: Act of Depression - underoath. Favorite actress: Tim burtons wife. I dont know her real name. Favorite actor: Johnny Depp Crush: Aaron Gillespie/Spencer Chamberlain/Ville Valo Favorite candy: Mm gotta be Wine Gums (L) Hometown: Nottingham. Pets: Two dogs. Rogan, Josh - Brothers, both 10 years old. Siblings: One sister, aged 15. Talents: Dont have any? baha. I can skateboard (just!) play drums? Height: 5 foot three ish. Age: 12. Weight: 113 pounds. Favorite tv show: Friends, Coronation Street, Derren Brown Trick Of The Mind. School subject: Probably History and French. Shoe size: 6/7. Vacation spot: Nottingham (BEDROOM!)


Answer #5

Favorite color: candy pink and black Favorite food: SUSHI!!! and blueberry muffinsd and cookie Favorite drink: frappucino but I dont drink em anymore because im slowly turning vegan Favorite animal: kitty cat Favorite band: bullet for my valentine and eyes set to kill Favorite song: pure white lace by eyes set to kill Favorite actress: shawnee smith Favorite actor: johnny depp and jon heder Crush: alex evans Favorite candy: fairy floss, chocolate Hometown: a hole Pets: a cat called tola that tragically died 2 years ago and an alive toy poodle called inca Siblings: 2 bros, 13 and 16 Talents: hiding the remote, getting the remote, putting the music volume up, cooking and baking Height: 5’5 Age: 2000 years old jkjk im 15 Weight: 54kg Favorite tv show: SOUTH PARK! girls of the playboy mansion School subject: english, art Shoe size: 8-10 Vacation spot: anywhere but here in this hole

Answer #6

Favorite color: bloody red Favorite food: any italian food Favorite drink: h2o (cold) would be great Favorite animal: monkey Favorite band: greenday or van halen Favorite song: fallen-lauren wood Favorite actress: charlize theron Favorite actor: super hot mark whalberg Crush: still mark and dirk nowitzki Favorite candy: does mentos count? Hometown: im a nomad Pets: favorite or if I have? well, we have dog named boring, lol Siblings: 2 sis 1 bro and 1 twin bro Talents: Singing, dancing, guitar/piano (a little).. Height: Almost 5’ 1 Age: 22 Weight: 43 kg Favorite tv show: prison break and 24 School subject: anything without math Shoe size: 6 Vacation spot: Europe, never been there.. but thats my dream vacation

Answer #7

Favorite color: red. Favorite food: burgers and pasta. Favorite drink: coffee. Favorite animal: dogs Favorite band: N.E.R.D. Favorite song: yellow by coldplay. Favorite actress:hayden pannettiere(sp?) Favorite actor: loads. Crush: some guy. Favorite candy: jelly beans. Hometown: brunei. Pets: none. Siblings: 1 older brother, 2 younger brothers and 2 younger sisters. Talents: writing. Height: 5 feet something. Age: 13. Weight: 140 lbs. Favorite tv show: not sure. School subject: science. Shoe size: 9. Vacation spot: virgin islands.

Answer #8

favourite coulor: blue favourite food: … favourite drink: gatorade favourite amimal: chipmunk favourite band jonas brothers ( and I mean it!) favourite song: SOS favourite acter : Joe Jonas favourite candy: uummm Crunchie, if that counts as candy Pets: cat, bird, 5 fish. siblings: one older, one younger, brother talents: singing, acting, dancing, writing storys age: 12 weight: 84lbs favourite tv show: Hannah Montana

                                if you like this, funmail me! I'd love to be friends.

School Subject: music

Answer #9

FAVORITE COLOR: pink FAVORITE FOOD: beetroot FAVORITE DRINK: diet coke and vodka or sambuca FAVORITE ANIMAL: cat FAVORITE BAND: red jumpsuit apparatus FAVORITE SONG: girlfriend by avril lavigne FAVORITE ACTRESS: julia roberts FAVORITE ACTOR: josh hartnett CRUSH:its not a crush its love , my fiance FAVORITE CANDY: jellys? HOMETOWN: southport, uk PETS: 2 cats bil bo bagins and tinkerbell SIBLINGS: 2 brothers 16 and 21 TALENTS: does being gr8 wid kid count? HEIGHT: 5’2’ AGE: 19 WEIGHT: avnt gota clue FAVORITE TV SHOW: sponge bob SCHOOL SUBJECT: none I work SHOE SIZE: 6 or 7 VACATION SPOT: greece, zante

Answer #10

FAVORITE COLOR: Green FAVORITE FOOD: Hmm… Steak and Seafood FAVORITE DRINK: Margarita’s… :) or Water or Rum
FAVORITE ANIMAL: Tigers or Spider Monkeys FAVORITE BAND: Slipknot and Matchbox 20 and tons others I love music
FAVORITE SONG: ‘Till I Collapse - Eminem FAVORITE ACTRESS: Rachael Bilson FAVORITE ACTOR: Will Smith CRUSH: Not Available!!! FAVORITE CANDY: Bottle Caps!!! HOMETOWN: Stayner, Ontario PETS: Not anymore :( SIBLINGS: Im a loner!!! TALENTS: Hmm Acting, Singing, Acoustic Guitar, Comedy, Driving, Learning things lol HEIGHT: 6’5” AGE: 19 WEIGHT: 200lbs FAVORITE TV SHOW: King of Queens SCHOOL SUBJECT: Physics and Tech SHOE SIZE: 13 mens VACATION SPOT: Yucatan Penisula

Answer #11

FAVORITE COLOR: Purple FAVORITE FOOD: hot wings XD FAVORITE DRINK: Tea FAVORITE ANIMAL: wolf FAVORITE BAND: FOB, MCR, and Dashboard Confessional, Plain white-T’s FAVORITE SONG: A Lonely september FAVORITE ACTRESS: Glenn Close FAVORITE ACTOR: Johnny Depp CRUSH: my 2end because FAVORITE CANDY: midnight milkeyway HOMETOWN: So. Cal PETS: Dog (Samson, 4 years) SIBLINGS: just my little 13 year old bro TALENTS: acting, singing and video games XD HEIGHT: 5 AGE: 15 WEIGHT: 115 FAVORITE TV SHOW: none SCHOOL SUBJECT: English SHOE SIZE: 61/2, 7 VACATION SPOT: I don’t know Disneyland?

Answer #12

FAVORITE COLOR: pinkk FAVORITE FOOD: any sea food FAVORITE DRINK: diet coke FAVORITE ANIMAL: dolphin FAVORITE BAND: dont really have one FAVORITE SONG: home-daughtry FAVORITE ACTRESS: umm..not sure FAVORITE ACTOR: Will Farrell CRUSH: :] FAVORITE CANDY: snickers HOMETOWN: Pittsburgh, PA PETS: puppy SIBLINGS: 2 older brothers, 20&21 TALENTS: dancing, acting, writing HEIGHT: 5’2’ AGE: 15(16 in 13 days) :] WEIGHT: 106 lbs FAVORITE TV SHOW: real world SCHOOL SUBJECT: math SHOE SIZE: 8 VACATION SPOT: Myrtle Beach, SC

Answer #13

Favorite color: yellow Favorite food:mac and cheese Favorite drink: tea Favorite animal: elephant Favorite band: pink and Destiny Child Favorite song: Heaven Sent, Leaving, Dangerous, Bust It Baby,Business, ect Favorite actress: I dont know Favorite actor: I dont know Crush: a boy on my street Favorite Candy: twix Hometown: St. Louis Mo Pets: none Sibling: 1 sis and 2 bros talents: dancing and acting Height: I think like 5’ 8 Age: 13 Weight: 145 Favorite tv show: Family Guy, South Park and the Simpsons School Subject: reading or English Shoe size: 10 Vacation spot: ummm California

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