What are some ideas for summer travel?

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i agree with "luvly " you should go to some kind of beach any one that is beautiful!! i really not know non but you can look for some !!

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Monte Negro is good (I was there for a week). It's a lovely place, the beaches are very nice (compared to California beaches, they're awesome).

Other ideas:
Bali, Indonesia - go to Lovina or Ubud, Chani Dasa is too over developed, as is Kuta / Legian and those are more or less overcrowded tourist traps now.

Male, Maldives - exotic, nice, however, it takes a while to fly there. They do have underwater restaurants, resorts that are literally over the ocean, white sand beaches (ground coral = white sand, gray sand = ground rock).

Hawaii - same reason as Maldives, but won't strike people as nearly as exotic as Maldives or Bali.

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You can go to a beach resort with your loved ones, learn a sport or musical instrument, visit a friend, join summer classes, get a summer job for something you desire to buy, develop a talent of yours, go camping, beautify your room, join aerobics classes, learn to drive, or just extend a helping hand to someone in need.

There are still lots of things you can do. It depends on what makes you happy. :)

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visit family

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Go to Shimla and Goa in India. I think these are best places for summer travel.

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Go to europe its so nice you would love it.

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Shanghai of China is an ideal place for you to spend your summer holiday, where you can appreciate the fine views around Chongming Island, Shanghai Confucian Temple, Shanghai Technology Museum (http://funadvice.com/r/168qpelqhsj) and Shanghai World Financial Center. Of course, you can go to the Yellow Sea for swimming from Shanghai.

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Tibet is a wonderful place for you. The nature scenery in Tibet really attractive. I traveled to Tibet last year. There are lots of famous attractions which are worthy of being recommended to you, such as Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, etc. See more:

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Tibet Attractions
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