Did somebody commit suicide on the wizard of oz set ?

did somebody commit suicide on the wizard of oz set ?

Answer #1

All I know is that I watched the scene where Dorothy was going up the yellow-brick road and it showed a person dangling somewhere through the trees. I’m not sure if a person actually died from it though. There were a few rumours floating about that they’d put a dummy up there for a joke, kind of like the boy by the window in Three Men And A Baby. But if it really WAS a person hanging there, it shouldn’t have been a U-film.

Answer #2

The scene that everyone is looking at does show a bird smimalir to a Crane but there is another part that no one looks at if you look at the scene before the yellow brick road song you can see in the background a dangilng body if you look closely above Dorathy’s head

Answer #3

I believe someone did will they were filming the movie but they placed birds that that no one would not about it.. I saw it when I was younger.. it was the director he believed that the movie would not make enough money on opening night so he hung himself in the back of the set..

Answer #4

no, actually one of the cast members was setting something up for the next scene &accidentally fell of a ladder &got hung . yes, they died .

Answer #5

yea if you watch carefully you can see a person hangin from the tree in the background of the movie I read it was one of the lil people who asked out one of the girls and she cut him down and he got so depressed he hung himself

Answer #6

It was just a bird standing in the background that was like sticking it’s wing out repeatedly. It was on that TV Myths and Legends show or whatever it’s called on TV Land.

Answer #7

actually there was an article written about the directors daughter. SUPPOSIVELY she commited suicde during the production because she didnt make the role of dorothy. she hung herself..you can kinda see it in the movie…but it all could be a myth. thats just what I’ve heard

Answer #8

No. There are a number of large birds that are seen on the ground along the Yellow Brick Road. They are tethered to keep them in place. In one shot of the film one of these birds is in a tree in the distance and flapping around on its tether and this is what started the rumor.

Answer #9

okay in the black and white version of the film, it kind of does look like a small person hanging themselves ad swinging back and forth, but when you watch the movie in color it is clearly a large bird spreading it’s wings. watch these:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3FIljj1o2Y&feature=related ^^BLACK AND WHITE VERSION

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjj5vYgGsQg&feature=related ^^COLOR VERSION.

just look in the dead center of the short videos and you should see it happen towards the end. put it in full screen if you must. but it’s just a bird.

Answer #10

dude I just saw that the other day. FREAKED ME OUT

Answer #11
Answer #12

It was just a bird standing in the background pecking the floor with it’s face.

Answer #13

I dont think so

Answer #14

I dont think so

Answer #15

It has been said that the directors daughter commited suicide on the set because she did not receive the part of Dorothy although some say its also a munchkin I think that people can fully back up that it is just a bird…Because if it was a person wouldnt they have tooken it totally out…or if they couldnt take it out then wouldnt the tinman, the scarecrow, or Dorothy freak out…I mean I would if I saw a dead person on my set if there not supposed to be there…Wouldnt you???

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Answer #17

The idea that someone hung themselves on the set of The Wizard of Oz movie and that you can see them swinging during the yellow brick road scene is just a myth.

What you can see is a large crane moving its wings. If you blow it up on your computer you can see the bird much better than if you are watching it normally on your TV.

Accidents did happen on the set quite often, however. The actress that played the wicked witch was severely burned during a scene where she had to disappear in a cloud of smoke.

The original actor that was cast as the tin man had a severe reaction to the paint used to make him silver. He was hospitalized for a long time and many thought he would die. He did eventually get better.

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