Sugar or salt may have been put in gas tank.

My gastank was jimmied open, and I'm afraid that someone whose advances I rejected may have put something in my tank (what an idiot).
How can I tell? How long will it take before I notice a change? I've driven it quite a bit since the door was jimmied, and so far, no change.

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Salt or sugar will mess with your car. I know! Right now I am having the same problem. Someone poured salt into my gas tank and really messed my truck up. As of right now I have paid $400 to get it fixed just to find out that the motor is messed up too. So if I were you I would go ahead and get it checked out. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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salt or sugar won't effect your car it will be fine. the car will burn anything water would be the worst but even that will just clog fuel filter.

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If someone put sugar or any other type of powder in your tank you would have seen evidence of the powdery substance around the opening to your tank.
More than likely someone probably just tried to steal your gas.

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and how about alerting some authorities while your at it? he is potentially damaging your property, that is a criminal offense, get him out of your life, he sounds unstable!

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Take your car to the shop and have them check it out before something does happen,don't wait any longer.

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Thanks! jb002- I hope you don't mind if I ask you one more question. This guy is pretty clever, and knows about cars, too. Should I get it checked? Are there other things that could mess it up? I'm just really worried because I have a new baby, and I could not deal with losing my car.
Thanks in advance.

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Well I can say that working on cars in my life for quite a while now that it would take a very very very large ammount of substance to actually hurt your vehicle. I would suggest that unless your nice friend with bad judgment had access to a salt packing company it shouldnt effect your vehicle to much...
Although it sounds like the more pressing issue is a nice comeback lol JK

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salt and sugar WILL affect your tank. get it check out lol

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take it for a service!!! the longer you leave it the more it will spread until your car F*cks up

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