How do you like YOUR subway sandwich?

;D mine:ham,pepperjack cheese,pickle,LOTSSS of pepperchinis,and hot cheetos inside it (: and thats it! bahahaa

Answer #1

I get a whole bunch of banana peppers on mine, eat them Onomnomnomnomnom :/\ & Feed the rest to my kitty. :3

Answer #2

I have two options. The first one is chicken, bacon, american cheese, and a spicy sauce that I forget the name of with lettuce and onions, toasted of course. The second one I discovered when I went vegetarian for lent: lettuce, tomato, onions, olives, and ranch dressing, also toasted. Its like a salad wrapped in a crouton!

Answer #3

:o i had subway today! i get the chicken and bacon ranch sub :) except i dont get the ranch dressing, and i just get lettuce and sometimes cucumbers on mine xD

Answer #4

i get an italian sub on herb and cheese bread with all the vegtables. Jalipeanos, banana peppers everything and pepper jack cheese

Answer #5

I like Italian bread, all veggies including jalapenos and pepperoncini peppers, mustard, oregano, salt and pepper.

My fav sandwich shop is Which Wich. There I like to get avocado, tomato, lettuce, a touch of mustard, salt and pepper. When I’m tired of this I get black bean patty with Swiss cheese and mushrooms.

Answer #6

I usually get the Italian BMT with cheese and mayo nice and toasty :D Cheese and Herb bread all the way ^_^

Answer #7

Meat. LOTS AND LOTS OF MEAT. But not anymore because I’m dieting ;-;

Answer #8

I get the same food every time I go to a fast food place. In Subway, I usually get:

Whole Wheat Bread Toasted Chicken Teriyaki Banana peppers Onions Tomatoes Lettuce Jalapenos

That’s it. Simple and delicious. And always fresh.

Answer #9

I always get montery chedder with ham, american cheese, and mayo. They most boring sandwich ever.

Answer #10

I get the spicey Italian on Italian Herb and Cheese with pepperjack cheese, lettus, olives, Chipotle, Ranch, and Mayo. Yes my subway sandwhiches are unhealthy as heck.

Answer #11

I LOVE the pizza sub! With cheese, the tomato sauce, pepper, on the cheese bread. :P I like things plain..

Answer #12

I get the italian herbs and cheese bread toasted, tuna melt, with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and a bit of sub sauce and chipotle sauce <3

Answer #13

I get the veggie delite on italian herb and cheese with lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, carrots, spicy mustard, jalapeno peppers, and a nestea.

Answer #14

I don’t eat meat so I get the vege pattie which is sooooo yummmmm!!!! I get all salads except jalepenos and pickles, and I get cheddar cheese, and toasted on white bread.

Answer #15

Pizza sub on Italian bread, toastes with shredded chees, with Lettuse and green olives :D MMMMMM i could eat it every day! never gotten anything other then that :P

Answer #16

6inch. Italian Herb & Cheese bread-Not toasted! Turkey! Provolone Cheese! Lettuce! Cucumbers! Black Olives! Ranch! :D mmmmm(:

Answer #17

Either a plain turkey and American cheese sandwich or a meatball sub:) sometimes I like to get fancy bread but usually I just get plain bread.

Answer #18

i had one today too! high five

Answer #19

turkey-ham with cream cheese below and extra cheese on top escalloped and with

green salad tomatoes onions cucumber olives


honey-mustard sauce

And a chocolate chip cookie, please.

Answer #20

I get the ham sub or the chicken fillet sub with salad, tomato, cucumber, olives, swiss chess and thousand island and honey mustard dressing

Answer #21

Lol it’s been a LONG time since I’ve had Subway, um I think I like the meatball sub =D

Answer #22

Chicken Bacon Ranch on Italian Herb & Cheese, American cheese (because they don’t have swiss any more :(….). Toasted. Ranch & Honey Mustered. LOTS of tomato’s, lettuce, bit of green pepper & onion, and some cucumbers.

Answer #23

My favorite is the veggie delight on wheat! I get lettuce, tomato, onion, green peppers, pickles, spinach, mustard, vinegar, tons of black pepper, and oregano!


Answer #24

Tuna on wheat with cheese, lettuce, cucumbers, peppers, and extra onions :) Always have to get the sour cream and onion chips ;D

Answer #25

a nice meatball sub :) ahhh so gud

Answer #26

a nice meatball sub :) ahhh so gud

Answer #27

hot cheetos? hmm. My sub includes whole wheat bread, mix of cheese, lettuce, cucumbers, green peppers, hot peppers, olives, sub sauce or chipotle sauce.

Answer #28

foot long turkey with amercan cheese. the letuce tomatoe and pickle. thats it :P

Answer #29

Ok. Foot long italian bread with ham, black olives, some ranch, carrots (if possible) and some lettuce. :)

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