What can I do about some stupid girl calling my cellphone on private & leaving me harrassing voicemails ?

Can I call the police or who do I have to contact?

Answer #1

As you may recall, I recently went through this…private, harrassing calls that is. At this point, the police won’t do anything because it’s just through phone calls. That’s what they told me. They can’t track private numbers unless a severe crime has been committed. If she’s calling from a private number, you can’t block it, but you can see if your phone has an app to block unknown numbers. A lot of smartphones are capable of that. Beyond that, you can obviously confront her if you know who she is. It’s all i your hands, unfortunately. I wish you luck though. Being called and not knowing who it is SUCKS.

Answer #2

Even if it is from a private number, the company can still find out who it is. Call the cell phone company and report what is going on. They may be able to do something. If not, then yes, you can call the cops. If it is a girl in your school, your school may be able to do something about it. Usually harassment/bullying can get you suspended or expelled.

Answer #3

Phone companies can’t access private numbers. I fought with Verizon for an hour about that. People pay for it to be private so that even the authorities have a hard time tracking them down. If someone can beyond Verizon, I’d love to know so I could switch…haha. That’s just what I was told less than a week ago.

Answer #4

talk to your teachers and principle first. see if its someone at school. then if its not, you contact the police. i understand also what it’s like to have to go through this.

Answer #5

Not sure. I know there are ways to track it down, but I’m guessing due to privacy laws they may not do it. The other option is blocking all unknown calls, or paying for a service to choose to block and allow certain numbers.

Answer #6

This happened to me a while ago then one day I was out with a guy friend and the number started calling again. I had already told the guy about the person calling me. My friend answered my phone in a deep, scary man voice and threatened abuse down the phone line. The number never called back. :)

Answer #7

chanqe ur number and be careful of who u give ur number too and posting it on websites— but ifs its vmails im sure maybe u recognize da voice…..tel ur parents than brinq it to the principles at ur skewl.

Answer #8

Ok sounds kind of dumb but it worked for me when I had this problem on my landline. So I had this whistle from when I worked in elementary schools and every single time this person called I answered with the whistle =) He got the picture after the first 3 times… NEVER CALLED AGAIN LOL! Try it. Who knows it may work for you as well.

The other thing you may do is call your cell phone Co. and ask them to block private calls and/or trace this caller for you, and have them contact this person to scare them a little. Of course they will not give you the number if they trace it because it is not legal to do so. But they might scare him/her for you. I have heard some cell phone companies do this. But I am not 100% on it.

Good luck and have a nice one.

Answer #9

Ok, I was reading the answers and I got really confused.. What’s a chanqe? Is it a foreign language?

Answer #10

Threaten to call the cops.

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