How to trace private calls on cell phone?

ok today I recieved a call on my cell from a private number. When I answered it all the girl did was scream then hung up? I dont think its a help thing more like a prank. How can I find out what the number is? Its on att/cingular and im in states

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Contact the provider of your cell phone service.

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Hello, I found a website that is very easy to do to unmask private phone calls. its it takes just a few minutes and is very easy to use. All you do is hit reject on your cell phone and it text messages you the unmasked number. Good Luck!

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I can go to any of my local authorities b/c the problem involves them and I have contacted my provider but they can't do anything but change my number and I have already had it changed 3 times. These private calls are not only calling me but all 5 of my mother's phones which include a nearly 80 year old. I have a different provider and I live in another state. These calls come at all times night day and they always say some extremly ignorant things. I have bought a recoreder and plan on recording them and keeping a log. But who can I get to trace these private numbers on my 6 cell phone numbers. They have also hacked into a few of our accounts on the internet. My family is at aloss on what to do. My father even tried getting lawyers but no one will take on the case b/c they all are associated with our local authorities. (city police, county, state and FBI)

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you can't traceee theem
call the policeee . or
call your cellphone carrier/

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go 2 the police station they are the only 1s that can trace those calls,trust me they have traced me before!!!

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You can not and will not find out any private number unless you work for the government.

If you go to the police they will find out and probably won't tell you anything unless it is someone that has a criminal record or is a threat.

The whole reason privacy manager is allowed and lawful is so you can NOT find out who is calling.

You can at the very least make a note with the police that you are getting these calls so that there is a record trail of the incidence if they keep happening.

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every morning at 6am I get a private call, they dont say anything but I can hear the tv in background. what can I do to stop this? it is causing problems in my marriage!

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Call the police. I tried the cell provider of at&t but all they say is "well dont give your number out". If their person calls again you have the right to call the police.. you never know that person may be like a murderer or something.

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tiffanyworld didn't understand the original post, because the caller is "private" and not known. Trapcall will probably work, but after your free trial you'll be stuck with annoying ads almost as annoying as the private calls

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well I do know that ipod touches make phone calls to and so does psp but when you call with it its private also if you go on aim you get a free phone call but yo need a headphone set with a mic so yea you can make private calls with ipod touche not an I-Phone but an ipod touch,psp,and aim,and some mp3 but its very rare I dont know if the police could trace those though..

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