How can I become a stronger shooter under the basket and what are some ways I can improve on my dribbling (basketball)?

Answer #1

well you need practice

try pressing you legs down and jump up and shoot some times works for me.

i got a little good in basket by weight lifting.

strength is my way in basketball cause you can throw the basket ball into the hoop when you force it. hope i was much of a help.

Answer #2

I know I’m worse than you but my couch said that if you put one hand behind your back and you shoot with one hand it should help…

Answer #3

Shoot with above all else-Confidence. Always know where your at around the goal. become automatic- catch and release. work on your upper body strength. Never, ever force a shot.

Your-Always attacking- Rather its on defense or offense. Kind of tricky to duplicate without people around, maybe put chairs on the court so you’re forced to move & shoot around them. I also used to have taller guys stand between me & the goal with their arms extended straight up in the air & at different angles-so that I would shoot up & over them, until I got my shots down.. Always utilizing on the square on the goal.

When you shoot by yourself, always be moving. Don’t take jumpers from a stationary position, since you rarely get to do that in real game situations anyway. Use the chairs, but try to imagine that the chairs are a teammate, and shoot as soon as you come around the corner of the chair. & keep repeating until, you get your shots down.. One of the best pieces of advice I got about how to improve your basketball shot was from my “AAU Coach.”

Have your friends who are defending you foul you, somewhat blatantly. My friends and I used to practice this because we played with a lot of grabby, clutchy players. It made us practically indifferent. Also, try to practice a quick release. I’m a short guy (only 5’10) but my bread and butter was always a pull-up/spot-up jumper, that even much taller guys had trouble blocking because it was out of my hand so fast…the trick to shooting well is squaring your shoulders to the rim. be consistent above the waist. every shot should essentially be the same shot from the waist up. what does that mean? it means when you jump for your shot, you should jump in such a way (either forward, backward, left, right, twisting, etc.) that when you reach the height of your jump, your shoulders are square to the basket. practicing shooting while moving helps with this - stand at the top of the key and dribble very hard to the right elbow, jump, square your shoulders, shoot. do it again but drive to the left elbow. do it again but dribble further off to the right. do it again but dribble further off to the left. do it from different places on the floor. stand at the elbow, throw the ball off to the side so it has some backspin, go get it like from a pass, turn, jump, square your shoulders, shoot your shot. try to maintain consistency.

When you’re practicing, pay attention to releasing your shot at both the height of your jump and with the highest extension of your arms. After doing this for a while in practice, you’ll start to notice how this sort of extension feels and be able to carry it over to game situations. Added bonus: releasing your shot at its highest extension also makes it tougher to block most of the time. practice every chance you get, get in a pick up game -every chance you get. Also when you square or align your shoulders, elbows are brought closer together & your feet are in position, when you release your shot you are extending your arms & flicking your wrists at releases of the ball. Watch as many “Duke” games as you possibly can & see what I mean by that “flicking of the wrists.” See what makes theses guys good shooters, Also watch the Connecticut girls play- they are very, very well disciplined… Overall, In time you will have to develop your own style & technique….

Good luck Ni’ ! Maybe I need to fly out & coach you & your team..

Answer #4

haha thanks alex xD

Answer #5

Ni’ this would be a lot easier if, I lived down the street from you. So then I could just teach you this stuff on a day to day basis. Do this- Go on youtube and look up “pistol pete homework basketball” and you should find some clips that teach shooting and dribbling. Also run dribbling drills going down the court one way with the right hand and back up with the left & vice/versa. Practice your stop & go’s… dribbling and knowledge come with practice, drills, and simply time.


My “AAU” coach” showed me something that worked to enhance my skills., It also helped me to become an “all around player.” It’s called the 15 min workout. It starts with Jumping for 5 min., front back, side to side, W, box, left leg, right leg, and jumping as high as you can, the next 5 min is ball handling, figure 8, right hand, left hand, crossover, behind the back, two balls, etc… and the last 5 min. is shooting, spin the ball to yourself and hit the jumper, if you miss get the rebound and put it in, and do it over and over. When your done shoot 20 freethrows. The key is to do this work out so that your completly wore out at the end, so when it comes game time you’ll be ready for it, and you’ll make free throws when you’re tired. if you do this once or twice a day, five days a week you’ll be all state once you get to high school.. Or whatever it is you advance in, in Australia…

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