Can someone please help me with a story plot for domestic violence?

I want to show how domestic violence affects teenagers in the story. Something like a husband is always abusing the wife and this affects their 2 or 3 children. I just want an interesting plot. Something exciting. Please and thanks!

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are you writing a fiction story?

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Oh! I love writing books, I am actually trying to become an author! So of course I will help you!

  1. A teenage girl that gets abused by her mother who was left by their VERY rich father. The mother beats the girl because she feels it is her fault becasue she was a troubled teen, as a result the dad couldn’t handle her and left. But her secret is that she is very attractive, so the local hot teenage boy falls for her, take her under his wing as his girlfriend - but doesn’t know about the violence. When he does, he puts and end to it and sweeps her off to a safer place! :)
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Oh My God! I’m sorry I didn’t follow your guide lines at all! I just looked at the bolded part and went from there! But, uh, you can change it around the way I wrote it…so sorry. :(

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thank you! it’s not a problem

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and thats nice…hope you’re successful

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You too!

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yes i am

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well, i remeber reading a plot on a book about domestic violence, it was about a family holding a neighbourly bbq, and the neighbour hits their child. but thats not really original.

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oh ok…thanks though

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I would have a twist away from the usual scenario of bad man beats up good woman and/or children.

Have a really objectionable male character (everything that you can think of that you don’t like) maybe he is dirty, lazy and bad mannered.

He is with a really nice girl who has most of the desirable characteristics that you like (or would desire) in yourself, …..

except that at times she loses her temper and is verbally abusive to him and occasionally she is physically violent towards him because of his bad habits.

However, the man is never abusive back - in fact he appears to be a bit of a wimp.

The story should try to make the reader feel sorry for the long suffering woman, and that the man gets what he deserves.

Later in the story the man sees his abusive partner being threatened by a gang of thugs, and he quickly comes to her rescue, disarming them very efficiently and causing absolute minimum injury to them. Unbeknown to the woman, before he met her, he was a highly trained combat soldier who had previously been traumatized by violent acts while on active service abroad - and that had lead to his own low esteem - that had been made even worse by his partner’s violence.

The girl then realizes that she had been in the wrong for being violent towards him, so she becomes more tolerant and caring. His self esteem improves dramatically and he quickly improves on all his bad habits and (yes - you guessed it) they both lived happily ever after.

– Best wishes - Majikthise.

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thanks much…i think i like this one

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Oh - what about the kids? I am sure you can put in the necessary bits showing how helpless they felt when their father was being ill treated, and how it affected them for the worse, especially worrying about the likelihood of a divorce…..

until the end when they can all get together and celebrate as a loving family - perhaps for the first time in their lives.

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You couls have it be in a getto neiborhood? In another country where circumstances are not very good?

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Story plot for domestic violence involving teenagers… well tell it from a teenage perspective. Choose the location and look up the culture in that location. Make sure to establish deep emotional bonds between characters, and to make them complex and believable. But make sure there’s more to it than just domestic violence. Add in school, friends, homework, going to the movies, etc. There needs to be conflict- father beating mother- and there needs to be the rise of that problem getting worse, and then resolution. Most likely the main character or a sibling of them would stand up for their mom and then in the end the parents get a divorce. Something like that. Before writing, imagine yourself and how you’d feel if you saw your own father beating your mother. Establish your character’s family’s religious beliefs, cultural beliefs, etc. Make them more than 2-dimensional.

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