How do I stop feeling like this towards the world (read more)?

For several months I’ve spent hours a day, thinking, and watching the world and the people in it. I don’t mean to offend anyone at this point so just ignore this question now because I am going deep into my own thoughts.

Alright so yeah, I’ve been feeling like I’m not ready for the world. As if I don’t belong here. I’m NOT saying I want to leave it, because I don’t; despite what people say, I for one am very scared to die. Only because I don’t know what’s after. And to be perfectly frank, no one does….Not saying your beliefs are wrong, but to be serious, and realistic, it’s true…. But with this, I feel that everything is just a mask. As if there is so much more then I’m lead to learn from everything….

Aside from that, I am literally bored with the people around me, except the ones I love. By me saying I’m bored with them, I mean that there is nothing they could say or do that would suprise me.

And as I walk in the halls of my school, or around in public, watching peoples cheerful or other facial expressions…I can’t help but feel lost. I don’t know why.

Overall, I’m saying I want to stop thinking beyound like some kind of philosphist, and to have a mind of a clueless ignorant simple person.

I know I’m ignorant anyway, but…I just think too much about others, and why humans are so….ridiculas, I guess. I don’t hate people, but I have very strong feelings toward them that aren’t well…even to myself. Humans have so much fraud in them, so much idiocracy programed into our brains. Mark Twain was probably one of the only humans I understood. He too felt the worlds people were the lowest of the low…hence his work “The Lowest Animal” and gosh I was taken when I read that story.

I didn’t mean to write so much, but I really want to know what your opinion is on this kind of stuff? And much more what I can do as an individual to stop feeling this odd way.

Answer #1

Every person is different. There are people that are crazy depressed but smile and laugh when they’re in front of a crowd. You’re the type of person I like to call “the observer” . You observe things and see everything differently. You like to question everything Even if you get an answer you still dont fully understand it . I know this because I am the same way . I want to know why people do certain things and act certain ways . So my advice to you is to just let lose , don’t think as much or try thinking differently . Don’t let people bother you, just understand them. Laugh at everything and have a good time every moment you get . I hope I answered your question, hope I helped a little :)

Answer #2

I sometimes feel the same way Drew.. I try looking up but I am slightly different.. I start to get feelings that nobody in the world is good. That we’re all bastards and back-stabbing douchebags and everybody is out for themselves.. I think I am just going through a rough patch and so are you. I am not saying I don’t have friends I have tons.. Just everybody seems to be out for themselves and I also feel like I don’t belong. Idk how to stop feeling this way nor do I want to. I believe being aware that I am different and not like everyone else is something I should hang on to and so should you. I’ve also grown bored, frustrated and angry with many people.. Though I still love and adore many some I just can’t handle like I used to. Good luck bro.

Answer #3

I’ve felt and been that exact way for many years I know you probably think “yea right this girl’s just jumping on the bandwagon” or something along those lines, but whether you feel it try or not, I’ve always been a deeply pensive and negative person. My feelings are a bit stronger even, in many ways I hate the human race I find little to like or love. I could be sitting in lecture, or on the bus, and I would be thinking about how horrible or ridiculous people are. I don’t really know how to tell you to stop, I can’t stop it myself. I have found myself to be less… morbid and pensive since I have been happier with the one person. It’s not gone, but I don’t think like that nearly as much. I think you just have to find that one thing for you that will help you see the positive in people more. I doubt those thoughts will ever fully go away, but perhaps the person can help lessen it like myself.

Answer #4

At 17 to be completely bored with people is a statement of who you are being in relation to who you want to be. There are two kinds of people in the world; people people who like to talk, gossip and socially interact with others and idea people that are more interested in concepts and ideas. It sounds like you are trying to be a people person when you would be happier thinking and talking concepts.

Your statements, “But with this, I feel that everything is just a mask. As if there is so much more then I’m lead to learn from everything….” tells me that you are not interested in the everyday mundane stuff most people occupy their lives with. That you know there is much more to this physical existence than the robotic existence you see around yourself…and you are right.

If I am right, you may enjoy this short story by Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert (a comic strip in newspapers), it is called “Gods Debris”, it is clever, witty and not what you expect from the title.

Answer #5

You know I am like you and at the same time I am quite the opposite. First off, I would like to tell you how I think we are similar. I have many deep thoughts. I often believe that society is broken in a way, and yes, I believe I have part in that. Ignorance, ambition, arrogance, and need for improvement have all led me to believe that this world is just not as simple as it used to be. I haven’t read Mark Twain’s “The lowest Animal”, but I have an idea of what it’s about. I too, have an inspirational, yet depressing book that makes me look down on humanity, It is called “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson. What also influenced my thoughts was my Environmental Science class. The book was about using chemicals to kill pests, plants, and fungi. This doesn’t seem much, but it just made me think about how we destroy this earth as a whole, without much knowledge of it. For example just the act of purchasing a simple, everyday used and a modern essential item, like a bed, doesn’t seem so bad, but when everyone buys one, we are stripping all these necessary resources, and that’s just one item. Hundreds of items are found in a household and we overlook them, meanwhile destroying the earth and the path for humanity. So before I blame anyone else, I have to blame myself. I completely agree that humans are ridiculous.


But this is where I am quite unlike you. Regardless of how much society lets me down, Ironically I find myself being not only a philosopher, but also a philanthropist. I still have high hopes for this broken society. I always see things in the light side, I find it easier to live that way. That is my hope for you too. Be optimistic. I am calm, if you ask anyone that knows me, they would probably tell you im the calmest guy they know. The world could be coming down tomorrow, and I would be the one in my bed watching tv. This just makes me realize, I am not afraid of death. Sure I would like to live longer, but if I knew i was dying, I wouldn’t be sad. It would just kind of make me happy. After all, everyone dies at some point, and some don’t make it past 2 years of age. That’s kind of why I wouldn’t be sad if I never had a wife, kids, a big house, or the dream job I have always wanted. Which only makes me think more. I love people and I wish the best for everyone, and when I die, the only important thing that I would want said in my eulogy, is that everyone should be just a little more like me, just calm and happy. Without being calm, I would just be stressed out all the time, and that to me is torture. I wouldn’t want to live my life thinking about bad stuff. I am just thinking about happy things all the time. Now I can’t expect you to change your views completely, but just know that you only live once, so don’t be worried about death and such, just think of positive things, and you would love happily.

Answer #6

I understand a lot what your saying. For a good chunk of my life I felt I just didn’t know how to have fun. Everyone else around me seemed to be laughing and having fun, but I couldn’t. It seemed to me there is no way they could really be like that, but must be just putting on a act for show, and I never felt the need to put on that act. There is a very select group of people I can have a lot of fun with (like 3 or 4 people I know). I always have had a very small group of friends, and my standard to be my friend seemed to be a lot higher than other peoples.

Well what it mostly boils down do is I’m a very introverted person. I care about whats inside me more than whats outside me.

I still am fairly introverted, but I have learned how to enjoy life more. I think a lot came from my first serious g/f after high school. She was very outspoken and fun loving and she showed me how to have more fun with life.

Also just getting older and having more experience under my belt has helped. I’m only 25 so still fairly young but I can see how much I have changed since 17/18 and how much my outlook on life has changed.

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